If you’re celebrating your birthday on February 29th this year, we, your fairy gobmother, are here help you mark the occasion properly. What do we mean by 'properly', we hear you cry? With cake, naturally. 

We want all ‘leaplings’ (that's people born on a leap year, in case ya didn't know) to get in touch, so our team of local food fanatics can deliver a birthday cake on this quadrennial occurrence. We know, we know: we're far too nice for our own good. 

So what's sparked this all off, then? Well, we recently learned the very real, very intense emotional significance that leaplings attach to the simple but rare treat of receiving cake on their real birthday (the 29th). Our Brighton manager Amanda, who is a leap year baby, delivered an impassioned speech to the office, explaining that in a non-leap year, the day leaplings celebrate their ‘fake’ birthday is typically dictated by whatever date they are given a birthday cake. Clearly, getting cake the day before or after your birthday doesn't quite have the same appeal, so this year, we're correcting decades of injustice. 

By making a proper fuss of leap year babies on the 29th February this year, we want to spread a bit of old-fashioned fun, and help leaplings celebrate in style in the way we know best: with food. 

There are an estimated five million leaplings around the world, so get in touch! If you are a leapling, or you know a leapling, we want to hear from you. The Wriggle team will be delivering birthday cakes to anyone:

  • Born on the 29th February, in any year, who can prove it with a scan of a passport, birth certificate or drivers licence.
  • Living in Brighton, Bristol, Bath, Birmingham or Cardiff, who can verify that with a proof of address.
  • Who sends proof of both of the above via email to hello@getawriggleon.com before Monday 24th February. 

What even is a leap year? 

Leap Years as we know them today, with an extra day added to our annual proceedings every four years, were instigated by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582, as part of the Gregorian calendar, as a way to try and sync calendars with the time taken for the earth to orbit the sun. This followed centuries of botched attempts to balance out the calendar, including Julius Caesar's 455-day-long ‘Year of Confusion’ in 46 B.C. Given how tough January has been on us all, that sounds fairly hideous. Today, the odds of being born on the 29th February are pretty slim, with most sources putting the chances at one in 1,461 (for reference, the odds of being struck by lightning in your lifetime are one in 3,000). Nonetheless, we know that official records suggest there are currently around five million leaplings out there – so get in touch with us if you're one of the chosen ones! 

Published -4th February 2020