Could pizza be the universal currency?

The owners of Cardiff's Dusty Knuckle Pizza Co certainly think so - as they pack up their restaurant and head off on a pizza pilgrimage to Naples, armed only with their van!

What's the crack?

Raising money for Slow Food International, husband and wife duo, Deb and Phil, and their young children will be heading to the home of pizza with a sack of flour, mounds of mozzarella and a tun of tomatoes in tow. The goal is to complete the journey without spending a single penny. In each location they'll need to cook up, and sell, enough pizzas to buy more supplies and get themselves to the next location - all to raise awareness for Slow Food International's mission to link the pleasures of good food with a commitment to community and the environment.

Their route will take them from Cardiff - past Bristol, Oxford, London, Brighton, Canterbury, Amiens, Paris, Lyon, Charmonix, Turin, Parma, San Marino, Pescara, Caramanico, Rome and finally Naples!

Can I get a slice?

Bristol, Oxford, London, and Brighton will get a visit from these homeslices, before the team take off down through France and Italy - so to find out how you can get yourself a slice, follow their Facebook page to see where they'll be trading and when.

And to support their's and Slow Food International's cause - please support their fundraising campaign!  They really knead the dough. 

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