Christmas Day can be great, but it can also be a very stressful time. There's family, there's alcohol, there's often a board game, and there's enough grub to put you into a pretty major food coma. Wriggle HQ have put our collective heads together to compile our top ten ways to survive Christmas Day this year.

1.   Eat breakfast.

Remember that in spite of the fact that you're a mere few hours away from the biggest meal of the year, you still need to eat breakfast. Ignore the advice of your elders and betters who might be smugly sticking to a coffee and a tangerine, and START SCOFFING. Maybe some chocolates out of your stocking, a little smoked salmon bagel, or possibly a small bacon sandwich or two, if you can manage to snaffle some bacon away from the pigs in blankets. Soz mum. If you can accompany your breakfast with a glass o' bubbles, all the better. 

2.  All things in moderation, including moderation itself...

On that note: it’s the season for excess, so enjoy yourself and indulge. It’s not every day that you can eat trifle for breakfast, or have three main meals in the space of an afternoon. Don’t feel bad, just enjoy it. 

3.   If you don't like turkey, don't serve turkey.

If you are a grown-up who doesn't head back to the family pad on Christmas day, serve exactly what you like. That could be chicken nuggets, a bowl of crisps, or an entire chocolate log for all we care. As long as you want to eat it, go for it. 

4. Stock up on Cheese.

 Buy twice as much cheese as you think you will need; experience shows that there is always one housemate/family member who thinks that if it’s in the fridge, then it's fair game. Honestly, didn't your mum ever tell you that you can't eat ANYTHING IN THE HOUSE until Christmas dinner? 

5.  Reserve yourself some booze.

If you’re the designated driver to drop drunk family members off at home once the celebrations draw to a close, then make sure you squirrel yourself a little stash of booze away for when you get home. Otherwise, be warned: EVERYONE. DRINKS. IT. ALL. 


This one is very important. You might come over all misty eyed, and forget that last time you played a few years ago, you stormed off to your childhood bedroom in a fit of rage because your Dad got the car in Monopoly and then you landed on all his hotels and had to mortgage everything you’d worked so hard for. But trust us, this will only happen again, and it’s everyone’s best interests that you try to avoid a repeat. God knows that millennials don’t need any other property and housing related drama. After all, we all know that if we just stopped eating avocado toast we’d all own houses by know, right? If you really must insist on playing a game with your family, though, at least make sure you check out our guide to the greatest and most infuriating options around, as recommended by our pals over at Chance & Counters. Ditch the same old bog standards and try something new this year! 

'A great interactive bluffing game. Because nothing says Christmas like pretending you can fly an airship, crashing it and watching your whole family perish.' (Mish Scott, Assistant Manager at Chance & Counters). 

7. Stock up on bread in advance... you can make the best goddamn leftovers sandwich in the world. This is a crucial piece of advice, because, clearly, bread is an integral component in a sandwich, and nobody is going to want to go to the shop to buy it when they're a pit drunk/hungover/tired/busy eating. 

8. It’s absolutely fine if you don’t like mulled beverages. 

The Wriggle team are divided on this one. For some, a warming glass of mulled wine or cider is a key step in feeling festive, but for others of us, it’s a revolting waste of a drink; a saccharine, sickly aberration that always gets cold too quickly. Either way, it’s up to you. No pressure from us, folks. 

Devil's drink or dreamy delight? The jury's out...

9.  Be the bigger person...

If you’ve got them, try your hardest to be nice to your siblings all day. The parents will thank you, and you will probably feel a whole lot more relaxed on this already full-on day if you force yourself to magnanimously be the bigger person at all times, and don’t engage in the bickering. 

10.   On the subject of Christmas telly:

You don’t have to watch a crap film at the end of Christmas Day if you don’t want to! For some reason, we all seem to think that Christmas Day has to conclude with a family friendly ‘classic’. News flash: that’s not true! Watch something that you actually want to watch, not just the Doctor Who Christmas special or whatever else is on the beeb. Or, even more avant garde: if you want to just slope off to bed early, that. is. fine. Christmas Day is exhausting enough as it is! 

Merry Christmas from everyone at Wriggle! 

Published -13th December 2018