You asked, we listened: Wriggle Rewards are here! 

Tonnes of you asked us for a loyalty scheme, and so we put our thinking caps on to come up with a system that rewards you for eating and drinking at the best independent venues in your city. Here's everything you need to know about the greatest rewards system in the world (probably).

How do Wriggle Rewards Work? 🤔

It’s a pretty straightforward system – you’ll now earn points on every single Wriggle you book. The more you use Wriggle, the more points you’ll earn, and you can convert these points into credit to spend on other Wriggles. Pretty great, huh? 

If you've already been Wriggling but didn't know about Wriggle Rewards, then you'll already have earned points for your past purchases. Check how many points you've earned so far by simply clicking here and logging into your account.

How do I earn Wriggle Rewards? 💰

There's a few different ways to earn Wriggle Rewards, and it's nice and easy, too. Have a read about Standard Points, Boosts, Achievements and Bonuses below, then start exploring the Rewards section in your account on the app and website. Drop us a line on if you've got any questions – and happy Wriggling!

What are Double / Triple Points? 

Keep an eye out for our 'Double Points' campaigns, where we occasionally offer you lucky lot double points on certain Wriggles. Sometimes you'll earn double points for booking in a certain area, such as the city centre; sometimes it's for booking a veggie or vegan Wriggle, and sometimes, if we're feeling generous, we'll give you double points on everything! 

Standard Points

Standard Points will be given on each Wriggle you book. The number of points you'll earn will be visible on the offer or event page, so you'll know how many you'll earn before you buy. 


Look out for Boosts, which will appear on particular days and particular offers/events. These will multiply the standard points you'll earn, giving you double or triple points.


Go on more Wriggles and earn points by moving through achievement levels, ranging from Brave New World to Final Frontier.


Bonus points are available for certain tasks and actions, such as leaving feedback for your Wriggles or checking out the referral page. 


For every consecutive day you book Wriggles, you'll get increasing amounts of bonus points: you're on a Streak! Your points boost increases by 0.25x for each consecutive day you book – book 5 days in a row and you'll get 2x points. Skip a day and your Streak resets – so make sure you keep Wriggling to maintain your steak. 

Published -19th February 2019