It’s December: the month of frivolity, festivity, family and friendly cheer. Bring your loved ones close, and lend us your ear, because your favourite foodie platform has some tasty news to share. 

Twas the month of cold Christmas and all through the app, were tasty Wriggle deals to uncover and scoff up. Buy just one yummy deal and shout hip hip hooray; you’ve entered the Big Wriggle Christmas giveaway. 

Christmas giveaway you say, what’s this, how can I play? Buy just one Wriggle meal to seal the deal, or buy offers galore, to gain extra draws. £250 credit is up for grabs, and just one lucky Wriggler will become money-bags. 

Happy Wriggling, dear friends, we wish you all well, a plethora of heavenly food could be yours very soon, oh how swell!

In Modern English please!

Uhum, sorry, it’s hard to stop writing in rhyme once you start. Basically, there’s £250 worth of Wriggle credit up for grabs in each Wriggle city (Bristol, Brighton and Cardiff) this Christmas. 

All you need to do to enter the competition is:

  1. Purchase any Wriggle deal between the 1st - 23rd December
  2. Purchase additional Wriggle deals if you want to gain an extra entry – the more Wriggles you buy, the greater your chances of winning
  3. Wait for the winner to be revealed on the 24th December – we’ll announce the winner on our social media channels. If you’re the lucky winner, we’ll pop you an email too. 

Merry December ya’ll!

Published -1st December 2018