Dogs or cats? Most people fall firmly into one camp or the other, but here at Wriggle HQ, we don't discriminate. Our gang of four-legged friends includes a plentiful supply of both canine and feline fluff-balls – all of who play an active and vital role in the Wriggle squad. However, whilst the office doggos might be good for our day-to-day morale, it's our fur-midable feline friends who are really pulling the strings behind the scenes, ensuring we run a tight ship. So, grab yourself a cuppa, get comfy, and prepare to meet the Cats of Wriggle. 

Barrington, 3 years old, Part Turkish Van


Barrington is a 3 year old fluff born in the beating cultural heart of Bristol, Stokes Croft. Exotic in both name and nature, Barrington is part Turkish Van – which doesn't mean he's a vehicle used for transporting goods from Eurasia – but rather that he's descended from a rather majestic line of feline ancestors. Don't let this lofty heritage put you off though; known as Barry to his friends, this man of the people likes the simple things in life: going to nearby fields and getting covered in sticky buds; sleeping in awkward positions, and watching as his humans bathe. Son to our chief marketing guru Alex (and with not dissimilar interests), Barry's pet hates include: social injustices and insufficient Dreamies. His birthday is July 23rd (if you want to send presents).

Boggy George, 17 years old, Domestic Short Hair


Boggy George is an ancient, tuxedo colour domestic short hair kitty. He may have reached the ripe old age of 17 years old, but don't be fooled: this feisty little fella is still more than capable of scaling any fence and embarking on large, death-defying leaps out of the window. Son to our high priestess of pith and all-round office queen Charlie, Boggy's hobbies include yelling at the wall, sticking his tongue up your nose at 5am, and being sick on the carpet for no apparent reason. He also really, really hates herbs (see the picture above). When he is happy to see you, he hugs your leg with his tail. Because he's adopted, Boggy's birthday is one of the great mysteries of life.

Woody and Lucy, 3 (maybe 4...) years old, suspected domestic short hairs


Woody and Lucy are the oh-so-sassy feline friends of our oh-so-sassy French developer in chief, Clément. Rescued from the quagmires of Lyon and the bowels of Gumtree respectively, Clément and his cats all serve serious measures of salt'n'sass, and are the functional glue that keeps the Wriggle ship together. This fabulous pair of kitties are thought to be siblings, but their characters couldn't be more different. Woody's talents include yelling for no reason while stalking around the house, seeking refuge and sleeping in small cardboard boxes, and catching stray flies as they buzz in and out of the houseplants. Lucy is a cat on whom gravity has no effect, as demonstrated by her incredible ability to leap, jump, and soar through the air. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a glamorous flying cat. Lucy is the master of her own belly and loves being photographed. Unlike Woody, she's not great at catching flies, but she won't EVER let you forget to feed her. Woody and Lucy firmly believe that age is but a number, so their birthday is a card that they keep close to their fluffy little chests. Their age is suspected to be around the 3-4 year old mark, but who's counting?

Who is your favourite Wriggle cat? Tag us and let us know! 

Published -7th August 2018