If you hadn't already heard, we've just launched our brand spanking new Wriggle Rewards loyalty scheme. 

You'll now earn loyalty points for every Wriggle you book, but did you know that there's lots of ways to earn Rewards Points without spending a penny? Read on to find out how...

1: Go on your first Wriggle = 2000 Points

So, you heard about this mythical app and website that helps you save money at amazing independent venues around the city – a friend recommend it and you downloaded it immediately – sounded great, didn't it? The problem was, you forgot all about it soon after, and that little blue app has remained untouched on your phone. Well, young one, it's time for you to start your foodventure – open up that app or visit the website, make your first purchase, and you'll instantly earn a bonus of 2000 extra points – on top of the standard points you'll already earn for your Wriggle! 

2: Enter Your Postcode = 2000 Points

Click here to add your working lunch and dinnertime postcodes into your Wriggle account. You'll receive an instant bonus of 2000 points, and we'll be able to better recommend delicious Wriggles that are conveniently close to you – result! 

3: Give Feedback for the First Time = 1000 Points 

The morning after you go on a Wriggle, we always email over a short feedback form, asking you what you thought of your Wriggle. This helps Wriggle and our partner businesses to keep improving – fill in your first feedback form and receive a bonus of 2000 points. 

4: Keep Giving Feedback = 100 Points per Wriggle

Continue filling in Wriggle Feedback forms after each Wriggle you go on, and earn 100 bonus points a pop. 

5: Check out the Referral Page = 500 Points

Click this link to discover the Wriggle Referral section of our Rewards programme and you'll instantly earn 500 bonus points. In the Wriggle Referral section, you'll find your unique, personalised referral code – share this with friends and they'll get £5 off their first Wriggle. You'll also get £5 credit once they've made their first booking. Quids in! 

6: Unlock Achievement Levels = up to 10,000 Points

As you go on more and more Wriggles you'll move through different Achievement Levels, ranging from Progressive Pioneer (4+ Wriggles) to Final Frontier (200+ Wriggles). You'll get lots of additional bonus points as you hit these levels, ranging from 1000 to 10,000 points. Okay, so technically you do have to spend money by booking Wriggles to unlock these Achievement Levels, but you'll get thousands of bonus points in return – check what level you're on by clicking here. 


There's lots of extra ways to earn Wriggle Rewards points without actually buying a Wriggle. Click here to discover how, and to find out how many points you've already got waiting

Published -23rd July 2018