If you hadn't already heard, we've just launched our brand spanking new Wriggle Rewards loyalty scheme. You'll now earn loyalty points for every Wriggle you book, but did you know that you can also earn bonus points through Wriggle Boosts?

How do boosts work?

  • Boosts multiply the standard points or you earn when you book any Wriggle. 
  • The more points you earn, the quicker you can redeem these points for Wriggle credit to spend on more amazing food and drink around the city. 

How do I know when there's a Boost? 

  • Keep an eye out for Boosts. They will appear on particular days, on certain special Wriggles and events such as Wriggle Burger Week & Veggie Week.
  • You'll see a little button, like the one to the left, on the offer/event before you book. 

When will Boosts happen?

  • We've got a whole load of exciting campaigns planned for the coming months
  • Keep your eyes peeled for all kinds of special Boosts, ranging from vegan week to pizza week, cosy Wriggles to healthy lunches 


Earn double (or sometimes triple) points when you book special Wriggles. Convert these points into credit to spend on more tasty food and drink! Click here to find out how many points you've got waiting

Published -18th July 2018