If you hadn't already heard, we've just launched our brand spanking new Wriggle Rewards loyalty scheme. You'll now earn loyalty points for every Wriggle you book, but did you know that you can also earn even more points through Wriggle Streaks? Read on to find out more...


Wriggle Streaks mean that for every consecutive day you book Wriggles, you'll get an increasing number of bonus points. You can then turn these points into Wriggle credit to spend on even more delicious food and drink around your city – neat, huh?

How does it work? 

1: Start Streaking 

Your Wriggle Streak starts on the first day that you book a Wriggle, applying a 1.25x points boost to the standard points on any Wriggle that you book the following day. 

2: The longer you streak, the bigger the bonus

Keep Streaking to boost your standard points by 0.25x per day. Book Wriggles for 5 days in a row and you'll get double the amount of standard points! If you Skip a day your Streak resets, so make sure you keep Wriggling to maintain your boost. 

3: Boring Stuff

If a Wriggle in your Streak already has a special Points Boost applied (eg. it's part of an exciting campaign like Wriggle Burger Week, or Veggie Week), then only the larger points boost will be applied. For example, if you'd Streaked for 3 days, so had a 1.5x boost on your fourth Wriggle, but this Wriggle was featured as part of Veggie Week so already had a 2x boost, you'd only get double points.  

The maximum Streak bonus is 2x points – if you keep booking for more than 5 days, your points will keep being doubled.


Book Wriggles on consecutive days to earn more points. Click here to find out how many points you've already got waiting. 

Published -23rd July 2018