From bike rentals to great deals on food (courtesy of Wriggle, obviously), this guide features seven apps - and a website that will probably end up being an app - that will help you get the most out of your time in Cardiff, especially if you’re a student. So clear up some valuable space on your phone, and get downloading!

Sorry, but we couldn’t resist. Plus, we believe in what we do here at Wriggle, so it’s a no-brainer. Just in case you’re new to what we do, we’ll break it down for you: our mission is to help food lovers discover the best independent restaurants in their city. Not only that, but we encourage these hand-picked restaurants to give us some money-saving offers, which we then pass on to you! A curated collection of the best independent restaurants, and a way to save money? Yes! You really can have it all.

In the space of what seemed like a few days, Cardiff’s own version of the “boris bike” system (but much cheaper) popped up in the city - and to say it was a love connection would be a massive understatement. Head into the centre, or visit any of the wonderful parks Cardiff has to offer, and you’ll see people of all ages riding one of these silver chariots. Download the app and go join them. Just be sure to invest in a bicycle helmet, please.

If cycling isn’t your thing, you’ll be happy to know that Cardiff is home to a pretty robust transport system. The Cardiff Bus app features live departure information, route maps, timetables, real-time disruption information, and a way to buy tickets! No more worrying about having the correct change! Ok, so this isn’t a particularly exciting thing to talk about but it is useful!

So, you don’t like cycling, and getting on the bus is too much hassle for you. This means you probably drive, right? Ok, well then you 100% need to download the Park Cardiff app. It provides real-time information on available parking spaces, with 3,300 of them being included in the initial launch around a year ago, so there’s a good chance the number is even higher now. No more space hunting!

So, cycling it out of the window, you hate buses, and you never passed your driving test. What does that leave… Taxis! Look, it’s pretty obvious that Uber is the king of the taxi apps, but if you’re looking for the best of the best, Dragon Taxis is the way to go. With unrivalled local knowledge and competitive prices, it’s worth downloading Dragon’s dedicated app. If anything, it’ll give you more options when you’re drunk at 2am in the city centre.

With hundreds of exclusive discounts at places such as Amazon and ASOS, the TOTUM app (which connects to your TOTUM card), is one of the most essential apps you can possess as a student. Using your location, the app will provide real-time offers so that you save money in the most efficient way possible. And who doesn’t like to save money?

Much like TOTUM, the Unidays app is all about providing discounts to students. Each platform has their own exclusive deals, as well as a bunch of shared ones too, so whether you ride for the former, or cape for the latter, it’s probably worth having both apps on your phone.

So, cycling isn’t an option, and… sorry. This is probably a good time to kill the running joke, especially as this pick isn’t really an app yet (give it time). Snap takes the best of Megabus (the price, obviously), the best of premium travel (think ‘luxury’) and combines it with a 21st-century approach to ‘demand’. That last part is a bit vague, so let us explain: on their website you can request a specific trip, say Cardiff to London. If enough people wanna take the same journey, Snap will put the trip together. It’s as simple as that. Looking at the website as I type this, there’s a guaranteed trip going from Cardiff to London (and vice versa) every day for the foreseeable future, with the price for a single ticket on average costing around £5. Certainly beats the astronomical prices of getting a train, doesn’t it?

By giving your referral code to a friend, they get £2 off their first purchase. Once they book, you get £2 credit too. So what are you waiting for, start referring to earn free food!

Published -23rd September 2019