Throughout time, mankind has had a love affair with alcohol. From the wine goddesses of early B.C, to today's thriving pub culture, booze has been a part of human life. 

And it's always been there; the hangover. That inevitable monster that throws itself against your skull. 

You need an action plan, an on-hand first aid kit. So here's our guide on where to head to in Cardiff when you feel as unfiddle as an unfiddle from the night before. 

For the headache

Feel as though a tun of bricks has landed on your head? If your nut is driving you nuts, it's due to an inflamed brain. Arguably the biggest player in the hangover pain, this inflammation is best targeted with tumeric. Get down to JALAN MALAYSIA for their famous tumeric-fried chicken, packed with healing spices. The oil will help soak up excess booze, too. 

To fight the fatigue

While coffee can feel as though it's helping, it's a diuretic and will just dehydrate you more. For an alternative boost of energy, grab a matcha latte from KIN-ILK. This green powder is crammed full of antioxidants (more than any other tea) that will protect your brain from nasty chemical reactions. If you can't stomach the idea of dairy, ask for almond milk.

For the iffy stomach

Woken with a furry tongue? The sugary aftertaste of the night before is enough to make any stomach churn. Bread is a bland, easily digestible source of energy that will settle your swollen gut. Banana is a fantastic source of potassium that is gentle on the stomach and balances blood sugars. So have both! For an incredible slice of banana bread, it's got to be EARLY BIRD BAKERY. Just a whiff of their fresh bakes will wake you right up.  

For your poor liver

Hangover blues? Start your morning sunny-side up. Your liver will be shrivelled from the overflow of toxins. Eggs have almost magical healing powers and contain a high concentration of cysteine to help mop up the bad stuff. Hence, the turmeric avocado toast at MILGI is an all-round winner. 

For your long-suffering kidneys

When feeling rough, the craving for dirty food can be overwhelming. Dirty food can sometimes be the only way out of the hangover hellhole. Get to BURGER THEORY, and get some chicken. Chicken wings provide a solid dose of protein, and protein produces amino acids to detoxify your liver. Plus, the dish comes with a side of celery, full of magnesium, folic acid, potassium and vitamins!

If all else fails...

Here's one for your complete lack of willpower. An age-old well respected hangover cure. The 'hair of the dog that bit you' - that's alcohol, by the way - is probably the most reliably remedy around. Do make your beverage of choice somewhat nourishing. GOT BEEF perfected their recipe with sriracha, smoked bacon and a secret sauce. We aren't in the business of encouraging bad habits at Wriggle, so enjoy responsibly alongside plenty of H2O. 

Published -27th February 2017