May has finally arrived, which means it's totally legitimate to eat ice cream on a daily basis. 

And just in time for what's set to be a glorious bank holiday, we've compiled a list of the best gelato around town. Indulge you inner child with Cardiff's craziest, creamiest creations of frozen deliciousness. 


Stroll through Castle Arcade and you’ll catch sight of a lab-coated ‘scientist’ in an ice cream parlour. Ice cream parlour, you say? Yup. This place unites ice cream and chemistry to produce what has been dubbed ‘the best ice cream this side of Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck’ (by The Guardian’s Tony Naylor!). The team use liquid nitrogen to create super-small ice crystals, making their ice cream wonderfully smooth. Flavours change weekly but are always adventurous. Our favourite? The Posh Bounty; pure joy for fans of the classic chocolate bar.   


You probably head here or brunch, or for lunch with the office. Well, Parc Deli are gonna make sure you're here a lot more. Not one for second-rate food, they've sourced only the finest and wackiest local ice creamery as their latest supplier. SubZero parlour in Rhondda Valley is the kind of independent eatery we really rate; family-run, with a string of awards, and not afraid of trying something new. You can now feast on luscious, ludicrous ice cream flavours such as bubblegum, Turkish delight, or cherry popping candy, right here, in central Cardiff.


Remember the Brûlée Bar that, quite frankly, stole the show at last year’s Street Food Circus? Well, the crème brûlée flavour is just an addition to Wild Fig Farm’s main enterprise; the art of making ice cream. These guys use ice cream grown on the family farm in Peterston-super-Ely, plus milk and cream supplied by neighbouring farms. 
You want some? Make a day of it and visit the family farm, shop and café, all just a fifteen-minute drive out of Cardiff. From simple fruit flavours, to adventurous combinations such as fig and masala or banana and salted caramel, we reckon this frozen whip is worth going out of your way for.


At Coco Gelato, there is no such thing as ‘too much’. This Italian gelateria and dessert restaurant in student-central Cathays has an Instagram feed full of notorious ‘Freakshakes’. The calorie-laden foodstuff of dreams is made for when you’re feeling super naughty. Our top choice? The Salty Sam and the Caramel Gang; salted caramel and chocolate gelato, broken Daim bar, oozy salted caramel sauce, plus curmbly salted pretzel. Challenge accepted.


Following the success of Barker Coffee, this place is a much-anticipated addition to the family. A gelateria nestled near the atmospheric Castle Arcade, it has a repertoire to entice anyone. Think doughnut shakes, Belgian waffles, and boozy milkshakes - and this was just some of the items on offer when Wriggle popped in. Did we mention gelato burgers? Your choice of topped ice cream sandwiched between a doughnut, cinnamon bun, or chocolate brownie. You heard it here first. 


Viennese-inspired Wally’s is a bit like your favourite grampa: reliable, generous, and reassuringly old-fashioned. The Italian sundaes are no exception. Prepare to swoon over their latest offering of coffee, hazelnut and chocolate gelato, topped with chocolate sauce, whipped cream and crisp choco wafer. No frills, no gimmicks. Just a classic that hits the sweet spot. 

Joe's Ice Cream 

Joe's ice cream is more than just a love affair between the industrial Welsh valley's and rural Abruzzi Mountains of Italy. Joe's been in business since 1922 and with their secret recipe up their seelve Joe's has become a nations favourite. With Roath Lake on their doorstep Joe's makes the perfect companion for a stroll round this leafy green part of the Cardiff or cwtching up in the parlour.

Published -23rd May 2017