The humble burger, probably one of the most widely-available meals in Cardiff. But so often, 'a burger' is an excuse to serve up a mediocre patty, boring bread and crap chips. But not the burger joints in this list. Oh no. These select few - these diamonds in the rough - they're the burger champions of Cardiff. They've played the game of burger, and they've bloody won. 

Whether you're meaty, veggie, or vegan - these burger havens are the best in the city and should be worthy of your burger-lust for the next few minutes. 

Burger Theory @ Kongs Cardiff

The thing that really stands out about Burger Theory is how they cook their patties. Grilling at a very high heat allows the beef to caramelise, leaving a distinct and meaty flavour; making sure the meat itself is the star of the burger. The flavour combos here are not run-of-the-mill with adventurous options to suit everyone (including their excellent vegan burger). Our favourite? The Kimcheese: Beef patty, rich smoked cheddar, tangy kimchi, pulled beef rib with black pepper glaze and chipotle mayo. Oof!

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Time & Beef

Unlike the average burger bar in every way, Time & Beef is a 'dining concept' that pulls together our love of burgers, cocktails and coffee. These guys have a strong sense of pride in everything they do, and build their burgers in line with these values. The menu is filled with buzz-word ingredients such as chicory, demi brioche, beetroot crisps, and glorious glorious hummus. Diners are encouraged to build their bun from scratch, using a check-list menu to tick off exactly what they want on their plate.

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The Grazing Shed

One of the first independents to hit the scene, The Grazing Shed is now a local legend of sorts. Such was their growing popularity, they opened up a second restaurant, serve at Cardiff City matches from a kiosk, and have introduced a cracking breakfast menu. Popular choices include The John Wayne burger with barbecue sauce, the Argie Bargie burger introduced during FIFA World Cup 2014, and the Bunga Bunga burger, made with gorgonzola and a personal favourite of ours. The beef is supplied by a farmer in west Wales and patties are always juicy, slightly pink inside. Each bite promises a concoction of flavours, held together by melted cheese - choose from goat’s cheese, mozzarella, gorgonzola or cheddar. The burger-to-bun ratio is always perfect. The toasted sesame bun never dry, yet firm enough to keep the generous fillings in place. The triple-cooked fries are amongst the best in town too.

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Got Beef

Another local stalwart, Got Beef began serving burgers at pop-ups and food fairs, then set up shop on Whitchurch Road. They have since amassed an ever-increasing fan base who feast on burgers with great names. The Soprano is our favourite, but many of you will relish The Heisenburger. Got Beef use Welsh Black cattle for all their patties, cooked tender, and served in a soft brioche bun. Try the unusual PBNJ burger, topped with crunchy peanut butter and craft beer jelly jam flavour - think a light satay sauce that works tremendously with the savoury fillings.

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Spit & Sawdust

Tucked away down a side alley off Newport Road, Spit & Sawdust is a skate park with a cool café serving burgers at a banging prices. Their luscious patties are served in bouncy brioche buns made by Allens Bakery in Roath. The chilli burger, priced at just £4.90 with a side of skin-on fries, is the best of the bunch, topped with moreish chilli lemon mayonnaise. Don't expect uniform burgers every time you visit - the varied ratios of fillings is part part of the rough and ready feel of this relaxed place. The next time you get that guilty craving for Maccy D’s, simply head over to this quirky place to gorge on something much more satisfactory.

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Banging flavour, a banging burger and 100% vegetarian. Milgi has mastered the veggie burger, once a culinary dilemma for even the most creative chef. Their passion for plant-based eating is evident, and each burger is a fine combination of something a bit different. The likes of spiced cauliflower and butter bean burger is a regular feature to the menu. Look out for regular specials - like the #CardiffBurgerWeek 'supergreen patty' burger - they're even throwing in a Mojito with it too!

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Anna Loka

A good burger doesn't have to stick to being a beef-only patty - In fact it doesn't have to even be a meat burger at all - as proven by vegan pioneers Anna Loka. These guys make a burger that would convert the most meat-loving burger fan to the green side. Our favourite is the ultimate burger - Their red lentil & beetroot patty has a great bite to it and holds shape and texture well. On top is a decadent selection - onion ring, jalapeños, tomato, cucumber, garlic mayo & sweet chilli sauce. If that wasn't good enough, their fries on the side are lush. You have to try it.

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Tiny Rebel

You'll know that Tiny Rebel do great beer, but perhaps you aren't aware they serve a solid burger too. The favourites are a hot mess of delicious marinated meat, tons of cheese, all infused with a little brewing flavour. The classic club combines chicken with maple bacon, while the veggie patty is infused with brewer's grain. And these guys aren't afraid to play around with flavour - take their #CardiffBurgerWeek special as an example: a southern fried chicken burger with sausage gravy (and fries). Hell yes!

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The Flora

Hungry students of Flora Street, thirsty young professionals of Hirwain Street, and all the movers and shakers of Cathays Terrace *know* that the Flora is the best pub in the area. A quirky modern interior, a great cocktail list, some sensational Sunday lunches, and of course, some very beefy burgers that would be sure to satisfy any appetite. Grab their burger, double fried chicken wings AND a beer for just £9.95 with our #CardiffBurgerWeek deal this week.

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Steak of the Art

Part steak-house, part art gallery, but mainly a steak-house with a real passion for beef. Owner Steve searched far and wide for the right beef, focussing on the farms of Devon and Cornwall and on the Welsh Borders – eventually settling on Neil Powell's Master Butcher in Abergavenny. This is a slick operation and in an impressive space in the city-centre amongst venerable institutions such as Chapel and Thai House. But most importantly, they serve up fantastic steak - and bloody juicy burgers!

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Buffalo Bar

Most of Cardiff's townhouse eye candy has long been ringfenced by the nearby university or reimagined in nondescript office chic by well-to-do businesses. But set cheek by jowl with the city centre's thicket of concrete commercialism, Buffalo is a welcome departure from the norm in this part of town - the sort of eye-catching indie that'll have you saying "bi-son" to the likes of Wetherspoons' Central Bar across the road in no time at all. Serving up an adventurous variety of beers, an easy-drinking selection of cocktails and a satisfyingly uncomplicated food offering, Buffalo's mix of proper nourishment and vibe-led lounge-chiq does "well-deserved chilling" pretty damn well.

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Steen The Chef

After some real homemade grub made with love? Love traditional, delicious food that isn't gimmicky, and doesn't place style over substance? Look no further! Steen the Chef has been teaching young people and community groups cooking skills for over six years. Wriggle are thrilled that Steen has now opened his lovely cafe on Windsor Street, where you can try his wholesome and delicious menu, including his vegan burger made daily with whatever healthy veggies he has in the kitchen. Yum!

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Published -2nd May 2018