Things have been hotting up across Cardiff ahead of the election. Whatever the outcome, good or bad, we vote to keep the mood bright. Here's our guide to chilling out, keeping a cool head, and sharing some love this weekend. 

Make election Thursday morning a bright one. For a sunny side-up start to the day, head to Deli Rouge first thing for a breakfast sandwich. Opt for the veggie option if you want to avoid a repeat of the bacon sandwich scenario from previous election campaigns. Alternatively, make like a Miliband, and chow through that rasher like nobody's watching. Even when everyone is.

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Having made your mark on the ballot paper, it's time to hype-up for a long night ahead. Crafty Devil Cellar have laid on the perfect after-work session for you and your colleagues. Talk through your political standing, or avoid the subject completely. Though after five 1/3 pints of their fruity brews, heated conversation is sure to flow...

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Once the polls are in, counted and verified, you'll be torn one way or another. As the reality of the result sets in, it's time to raise a toast or drown your sorrows. Wally's Deli hand select their wine offering, and their cracking deal on a large glass this Friday will allow you to chill out and sink a few.

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Alternatively, you may be feeling the need to really let loose. Snoop Dogg famously prescribed gin 'n' juice for the ultimate "laid back" experience. Well, doggy dawg, Pomegranate Jazze Cafe are gonna make sure that "party's still jumpin'" with an evening of juicy cocktails and chilled out tunes, and a deal that allows you to enjoy jazzy vibes in full swing.

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If you can't face the reality of this week's political outcome, Chapter has some pure escapism on offer. Described as 'hilarious and anarchic', "Flowers" is a high-energy piece of improv theatre that promises a lot of laughs. So keep your Saturday evening clear for some knees-up cheer, and enrich your soul with some wholesome, homegrown theatre.

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Our current political climate is pretty tumultuous, and Question Time is beginning to look like an episode of Eastenders. With all this conflict in the air, we vote it's time to love one another and share. Luckily, Servini's Cafe serve a delicious array of food where sharing is key. Head down this Saturday morning and spread the love like you do your butter on their thick floury pancakes.

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For a final memorable send off to a week of hectic headlines, where else than the pub? This is Britain after all?! Stroll in to Gwdihw, soak up some of the colourful atmosphere, and enjoy a Sunday afternoon session. Two pints of craft beer from Pipes Brewery are sure to hit the spot.

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Published -7th June 2017