If hiding away from the worries of the world with a glass of something special sounds like your perfect afternoon, we know just the spot for you. 

Tucked away inside Cardiff's picturesque Victorian Castle Arcade, sits Wrights Wines; a tiny offshoot from the popular Wrights Food Emporium in the Carmarthen. The original pub/cafe/deli has made a name for itself by combining expertly sourced produce, excellent cooking and laid-back charm, and draws people from all over Wales to try out its warm welcome. 

And now, we have a little taste of it right here in the 'Diff - but you'll have to venture up onto the balcony of the Castle Arcade to find it...

The focus here is on natural wines; by that, we mean wines that are farmed organically and made (or rather transformed) without adding or removing anything in the process. No additives are used, and intervention in the naturally occurring fermentation process is kept to a minimum. The result is a living wine – full of naturally occurring microbiology, and quite unlike anything you will have tasted from a bog-standard bottle. 

If you've never tried natural wine before, don't worry. The helpful staff in this grape-lovers hideout will talk you through the different varieties and styles on offer, and they always have a selection of open bottles available to 'drink in' by the glass, for between £5 - £7 a serve.

And that's where the cheese comes in. In order to really appreciate the beauty of these wines, you can also buy portions of artisanal, organic Welsh cheeses, homemade chutneys, crackers, cornichons and other delicious snackables to nibble on whilst you while away an hour. Or two, or three...

You can find Wrights Wines on the balcony in Castle Arcade. They are open Wednesday - Saturday 12 - 6pm.

Published -29th March 2018