Jeezus! That’s only Christmas coming up in the horizon over there!

And since it’s Wriggle’s mission to promote brilliant local food & drink businesses, we thought we’d take this opportunity to create a Hamper full of the best food & drink Cardiff has to offer - simultaneously solving your Christmas present (or personal consumption) concerns, and shining a light on the best producers in South Wales.

You can buy yourself a hamper of beer, coffee, tea, pickles and gin by heading to the link here, but below is a run-down of the brilliant local producers nestled inside the hampers.

Crafty Devil Brewing Co.

If you're looking for an introduction to some lovingly hand-brewed craft beer from Cardiff, look no further. Along with the guys at Pipes, the Crafty Devil crew have been pioneering the Cardiff craft beer scene - putting their sedentary digits to work on some fiendishly good ales and craft beers brewed slap-bang in the middle of Cardiff. These guys purposely brew small select batches from specially selected American-style hops, with devilishly sophisticated blends which can afford to be a little more experimental and complex in their taste delivery. 

With the Hamper you’ll be able to enjoy 4 of their 330ml cans, these being:

  • Fairy Tale in Cardiff, Mint Chocolate Milk Stout 5%,
  • Don’t Let The Bells End, Smoked Amber Ale 4.5%, 
  • Beery Berry Christmas 4.2%, 
  • One of Sympathy for the Devil, Session IPA 4.8% / I Am The Resurrection, Hoppy Amber Ale 5.5% / You Love Us, IPA 6.5%.

They’re all ace. And make sure to get yourself down to the Crafty Devil Cellar taproom in Canton to enjoy their beer straight from the tap!

Lufkin Coffee

Hidden away down a characterful alley in Pontcanna is Lufkin Coffee Roasters - a Scandinavian-esque wood-clad cocoon in which the best beans in town are roasted, prepared and drunk.  Owners Frances and Dan are small batch roasters, so specialty grade, green arabica coffee is their thing. The roasting is done on-site by a beautiful bean machine, and then packaged in 250g bags for you to enjoy at home (or on your own intriguing travels).

In the hamper you’ll find: 

  • A bag of Lufkin's Heirloom Variety Moata Ethiopia, featuring notes of Apricot, Mango and Cream Soda.

Eccentric Gin

Eccentric Gin are speciality gin-makers, creating a diverse array of gins made in the cellars of a beautiful historic building.  Now operating in Caerphilly, the gin is distilled using spring water filled with fresh natural minerals. Owner Rob Higgins sources the best botanicals, including a specially imported Croatian juniper, and the sacred Celtic wild sunflower, before packaging it up in their attractive bottles.

They’ll be adding their Cardiff Dry Gin to the hamper - a unique style of gin chosen by the people of South Wales. It has rich herbal notes of rosemary, fennel, sorrel and liquorice, together with citrus notes from the lemongrass and verbena. 

Perfect in a cocktail or in a G&T. Talking of which, here’s how to make the perfect G&T with it: 

  • Take a double measure of Cardiff Dry served over lots of ice in a large wine glass;
  • Add ⅓ - ½ a bottle of fever-tree tonic;
  • Garnish with a wedge of orange and a sprig of rosemary or cucumber wheels;
  • Bob’s your uncle!

Inner City Pickle

We just love InnerCity Pickle, and we think you will too. This truly is the taste of Cardiff. Eira, the lovely lady behind it all, collects vegetables and fruit grown by hundreds of people in the allotments and gardens of Cardiff, before working away in her kitchen to prepare delicious pots of seasonal pickle, jams and chutneys. She loves finding local, seasonal produce, and as a result, she produces around 125 different pickles or sauces. They are all individual and rather special.

For your enjoyment, Eira will be adding 2 8oz hexagonal jars of her sauces:

  • One “Mam's Brown Sauce” - a rich plum based sauce wonderful with a cooked breakfast but really good with most things it is served with. 
  • One Festival Relish - a tomato and onion based relish with  smokey paprika, mustard seeds, gherkins. Wonderful with cheese but really compliments cold cuts and is great with a hot dog.


Waterloo Tea

With their devotion to sourcing the world’s best teas, Waterloo Tea have consistently raised the bar for Cardiff’s tea and cafe scene since opening in 2008. Whilst they’ve expanded to the city centre’s attractive Wyndham Arcade, and on to Penarth, there’s been no let-up in the quality of the produce. They still track down the best teas they can get their hands on, a process which involves many hours of research, meetings, travel and tastings.

For your delectation, the guys at Waterloo Tea have picked out a Winter Warming Chai Blend comprising single origin tea from the Kenilworth estate in Sri Lanka, cinnamon bark, cardamom, star anise, cloves and black pepper.

Published -1st December 2016