For one week only we’re celebrating the spiciest food in town. Yep, that’s right it’s only Wriggle Chilli Week! 

If you’re partial to a Habanero or three, you’re in for a real treat this week. We’ve got the best chefs in town cooking up a ‘hot hot hot’ selection of exclusive spicy specials; dishes to make your taste buds tingle and your heart rate jingle.


As well as getting yourself a tasty Chilli Week exclusive dish, you’ll also get a free packet of chilli seeds to grow at home. You'll receive your chilli seeds when collecting your Wriggle deal at the venue.

From dark chilli chocolate chai lattes to vegan Indian chilli burgers, we’ve got something to suit every palate on the app this week. If you, or your mates are more on the mild side of spice, not to worry - we’ve got a whole selection of very lightly spiced dishes also on offer, so there’s no excuse not to join the chilli week festivities.

Fun Chilli Fact: Did you know that spiciness isn’t actually a taste? The reason we sweat, have runny noses and feel like our mouths are burning when eating chilli is because of a chemical reaction that tricks our brains into thinking that are mouths are .. well… quite literally on fire! How crazy is that! So even though the spice isn’t actually burning you, the brain gets the same signals as if it were and tries to cool you down 😱

The Greenery Kitchen is here to make sure your lunches are never boring again! As the days get colder, warm yourself up this Chilli Week by heading to Cardiff Central Market for a bowl of Nigerian goodness. Inside you'll find jollof rice, black beans, cinnamon plantain, tomato salsa and a chili and lime dressing. Hearty and delicious, done!

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The Greazy Vegan are bringing the heat with an extra-spicy burger, right in time for Chilli Week. Grab this exclusive Wriggle and you'll be blessed with their flaming-hot Chilli Cheese Burger - two patties, molten pepper jack cheese, lashings of hot chilli sauces, and topped of with fresh jalapeños. Stacked high with pride, this is an absolute beast of a burger that's bound to knock your socks off. 100% vegan, 100% of the time - go grab this fire vegan eat.

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Fancy some Sri Lankan flavours? Treat yourself to a Coconut Tree speciality - you can never go wrong with these guys! This Chilli Week Special Wriggle will get you either of the following fiery dishes: Hot-battered cuttlefish with caramelised onions, Sri-Lankan mixed rice - finished with a generous serving of dolcetti coconut ice cream; Hot-battered mushrooms with Sri Lankan vegetable rice, finished with a generous serving of dolcetti coconut ice cream (VG). Snap this up while you can, it's a one-week-only Wriggle, and it's gonna go fast.

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Fancy a heartwarming and comforting drink? Nab yourself this Wriggle and mosey on over to Wild Thing Cathays, they've just got the perfect treat for you! You'll get to sip on a delicious and delicately spicy salted chilli raw cacao hot chocolate - sweet with a kick of spice, it doesn't get better than this, really. Cheeky tip: the team always prepares the tastiest of sweet treats, have a look at the cakes on offer!

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Picture the scene: 5 seasoned wings pile like an unpredictable mountainscape in front of you, their rich sauces encasing each like an avalanche. Unbeknownst to you, one of these bad boys is hot, seriously, seriously hot. Each wing might look the same, but they're coated in radically different Steakout sauces: 1x Plain Jane (spice level 0), 1x Honey and Mustard, 1x Asian Sweet, 1x Buffalo Hot, and 1x Suicide (spice level 10+++). Challenge your spice threshold and take on this hot wing roulette if you dare.

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Fancy something to spice up your dinner? Make your way over to Blue Honey Local, you'll get to munch on one of their out-of-this-world small plates - perfect to get the night going! You'll get a portion of their signature Chilli Cheung Fun: Crispy noodle roll pieces, spicy hoisin, maple sesame - an absolute delight! We recommend having a look at the rest of the menu, there's some seriously tasty stuff happening over there! Happy Wriggle Chilli Week!

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Make your evening more colourful, a little bit spicier and much more delicious with this Wriggle! Coming directly from Bangkok Cafe's grill, it's the Gai Yang Som Dam. Half a chicken, marinated in their special sauce, served with sticky rice and Som Dam salad. Good stuff!

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Are you Team Bhuna or Team Madras? Do you prefer chicken or lamb? Very hot curry or just a little kick? With this Wriggle, you're the boss. Choose your preferred curry, tell the lovely folks at Masala Bag how hot you'd like it (they've assured us they can make it pretty hot!), and enjoy it with some delicious pilau rice. Trouble choosing? The name Bhuna refers to the style in which the curry meat is cooked. In Urdu, bhunna means 'to be fried'. The dish, which originates from Bengal, is typically prepared by frying lots of spices at a high temperature. The meat is then added and simmers away in its own juices. The result is a thick, intensely flavoured sauce.

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Hotpot Spot couldn't resist getting a slice of the Chilli Week action. Their fiery stir-fries are nothing short of legendary, so it was a no brainer to get them involved. Choose from either a spicy beef and pepper, or a spicy tofu and mushroom stir fry and prepare for some hot stuff. To pair, the Hotpot Spot team have put together a refreshing cocktail to cool things off: their unique mango and ginger fizz, made with mango, lime and ginger entwined with Brockmans gin. It's a delightful concoction that's sure to steady things after the spicy feast. And if you live the no-alcohol life, they've got a beaut of a Mocktail just for you: lychee, ginger, and mint fizz.

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Treat yourself to a glorious brunch! The Garden Deli have some seriously tasty dishes up for grabs, and they all come with a spicy Bloody Mary - how bloody great! You'll be tucking into any of the following mouth-watering brunch dishes: Avo toast: Smashed Avocado on buttered sourdough toast with chilli flakes and crumbled feta; Shakshuka: Two free-range eggs in a rich, smoked tomato sauce topped with crumbled feta and fresh parsley served with sourdough; Baked Eggs: Two free-range eggs baked with baby spinach and mushrooms, served with sourdough. Let's get brunchin'!

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What's not to love about a plateful of sizzling prawns cooked in a rich and rewarding mix of fresh garlic and parsley? Well, for chilli fans, SO Bar have gone one better. They're turning this classic on its head with a spicy serving of their chef's homegrown Scotch Bonnet and Purple Chillies to give it a powerful kick. Spice lovers rejoice: this is next level Gambas.

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Burn baby burn - Bwydiful's legendary Disco Inferno Burger has landed on Wriggle right in time for chilli week. This is one hot bun. They've taken their oh-so-juicy Welsh beef patty and topped it with lashings of their homemade fiery, sweet and super spicy salsa. Served with a portion of their seasoned skin on fries, it's an absolute winner. Hot heads - you're going to love it.

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How do you feel about trying new flavour combinations? Make the most of Wriggle Chilli Week and indulge in a PennyRoyal creation: the Cooler di Coruña. "But Wriggle, what's in this amazing cocktail then?". Well, Wriggler, thanks for asking! The Cooler Di Coruña is an expert blend of Melonade aperitif, green pepper cordial, jalapeno brine, mandarin liqueur and tonic. Now we're talking! Happy Wriggle Chilli Week, and cheers!

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Ffwrnes are slinging out their take on the infamous Diavola pizza for Chilli week, with their very own "Jiawl Bach" (meaning Little Devil) 'za. And boy, is it a hot one. Topped with Fior de latte mozzarella and classic tomato sauce along with Trealy farm (Welsh PGI) Beef pepperoni and bundles of fresh green chillies, there's a serious kick in every spice. Want to take the heat even further? Ffwrnes have got a plentiful supply of chilli flakes and homemade chilli oil at your disposal to kick it up another notch.

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Published -14th October 2019