Ripple Living is a brand new zero waste shop, opening today with a soft launch on Albany Road, Cardiff. 

Offering a gorgeous range of refillable bulk foodstuffs, ethical fashion brands, natural beauty products and stunning, sustainable homeware, Ripple Living is a brand new shopping concept for Cardiff. The first of its kind, the idea was dreamed up by Sophie Rae, and was brought to life after an awe-inspiringly successful kickstarter campaign earlier this year. 

So, what's the aim behind this new shop? Ripple Living wants to make conscious consuming easier, making it more straightforward for us all to think carefully about our food and fashion choices, and to help us cut back on single use plastic. Sophie's shop will make saying 'no' to plastic easy: you'll be encouraged to fill your own reusable containers with bulk whole foods, to invest in natural and cruelty-free products, and to invest in beautiful sustainable purchases for your home, rather than throwaway tat. 

Having originally dreamed up the idea for a zero waste shop in March, in only a few short months, Sophie's vision inspired and galvanised the local community and beyond, successfully raising £33,312 in just 13 days, allowing the dream to become a reality. Today, on the 28th November, 2018, Ripple Living opens to the public for the first time, with a soft launch that everybody is invited to. 

Bring along your own reusable containers to fill with organic produce at the refill station, or browse the beautiful array of sustainable homeware, natural beauty products and clothing, all carefully hand-picked by Sophie.

After today's soft launch, Ripple Living's proposed opening hours for the rest of 2018 will be:

  • Monday - Friday: 10am - 6pm
  • Saturday: 9am - 5pm
  • Sunday: 11am - 4pm.

Wriggle completely supports Sophie's vision of a zero waste Cardiff, and we encourage everybody to get down to 102 Albany Road today to check out this brilliant new venture and show support for the soft launch. Good luck, Sophie! 

Published -28th November 2018