Team Wriggle were gutted when Milgi broke the news that they were closing back in May. 'Where will we get our delicious plant-based lunches?' we cried. 'We'll never be able to drink cocktails in a yurt again!' we sobbed to ourselves. But as an age old pearl of wisdom tells us, when one door closes another one opens, and that's all just apart of the circle of life (okay, we're talking about the Lion King). In this case, not long after the Milgi door closed it was promptly opened by some very capable hands, belonging to the Blue Honey Night Cafe gang. 

Blue Honey made a name for themselves in the vintage clothing world, but soon progressed to hosting some of Cardiff's best music nights, eventually making the move into Sully's Cafe, where Blue Honey Night Café was born. Here, a talented bunch of chefs continually wowed us with their punchy, flavourful bao buns, their epic Asian-inspired small plates, and their now legendary dirty fries. Music remained an integral part of the mixer, too, with local DJs and groups hitting the stage on the regular.

The same vibes have been transported over into Blue Honey Local, with an emphasis on bold flavours and great music. All the dishes on the concise little menu are veggie and many are vegan: the crispy tofu bao with black pepper sauce is completely delicious, and the butterbean puree topped with dukkah is the perfect accompaniment. The best way to eat here? Go with a gang of mates, order at least one of everything, and get stuck into it all. 

Milgi lovers will be pleased to know that not only have the old chefs been kept on, but that the iconic yurt at the back of the building lives on, the perfect space for a few drinks. An eclectic array of DJs and live musicians are in regular rotation at B.H.L, and the venue opens Tuesday-Sunday from 12pm 'til late; perfect for a night out of any shape or size. Locals to the area will also be relieved that the lovely Eartha plant pop-up shop are still in residence, providing a beautiful array of greenery and plant porn. 

We can't think of many nicer ways to spend an hour or two than tucking into a lush plateful of veggie small plates, then picking up a lovely leafy pal to take home.  

Published -20th June 2019