Sometimes in life, you just can't be bothered to sit in a restaurant and eat in. You just wanna scoff in the comfort of your own home, or maybe hit up the park with some tasty treats and a few cold beers, or perhaps you're in the mood to take some romantic goodies round to visit someone special for a bit of Netflix, noodles and chill... 

We hear ya.  Anyway, let's put the nitty gritty of your reasons for not wanting to dine in behind us – we're not judgemental sorts. The fact of the matter is you just want to pick up your Wriggle and go, so without further ado or waffling from us, here it is: our essential guide to the best takeaway Wriggles in Cardiff. 

This Cowbridge Road-based restaurant specialises in delicious regional cooking from Calabria, Italy. Partners Salvo, Angelo and Domenico met in high school in Italy, then moved to Cardiff to learn English, setting up Calabrisella 10 years later. Now this cosy venue is one of Cardiff's best loved pizza joints, thanks to the massive 14" bases and flavour packed toppings.

Takeaway Tip: for maximum takeaway efficiency, why not call ahead and order your pizza so it's ready to go as soon as you are. Then it's up to you where you go next: head to the park with a few beers, or rock on home to slob on the sofa.

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One of Wriggle’s favourite places for Middle Eastern grub. You might accidentally stumble across this unassuming-looking café on Cowbridge Road but once you know it’s there, and have sampled these delicious, flavoursome dishes, we guarantee you’ll come back again and again.

Takeaway Tip: the massive Middle Eastern wraps are the perfect grab 'n' go dinnertime treat – simple, delicious, and easy eating. The best thing about grabbing one of these beauties to take away? Nobody will notice when the juice is dribbling down your front.

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Who said takeaways were all about food? Step up your home boozing game with a little stop-off at Zerodegrees to grab one of their brilliant mini kegs. Right opposite the Millennium Stadium, it couldn't be easier to swing by this brewery-meets-pizzeria and grab some proper booze.

Takeaway Tip: pick the contents of your keg from a range of delicious, freshly brewed goodies, head to the park, the sofa, or wherever else takes your fancy.

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Wok-ker Shaker serves some of Cardiff’s most exciting Malaysian food, with international students travelling across the city to try their cooking. For a grab 'n' go dinner that's as delicious as it is easy, it's pretty hard to beat this spot.

Takeaway Tip: munch your golden crispy fried chicken as soon as you're handed your food, then hurry home with your noodz to enjoy on the sofa.

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These guys started life in a street-food truck, touring festivals and events across England and Wales. The perfect takeaway treat for when you can't be bothered to cook but still want some wholesome, hearty fayre for your dinner, Lilo's Pasta have got a great selection of filling pasta dishes topped with all manner of sauces and extras, from dry-cured chorizo to pan-fried halloumi and meatballs in Bolognese sauce.

Takeaway Tip: get a gang of mates together and grab a Wriggle each, then you've got even more delicious pasta goodness to share around. After all, why try one dish when you can try four?!

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A traditional, greasy spoon-style cafe by day, by night Sully's Cafe transforms, blossoming into a beautiful, exciting restaurant // bar // micro-club that's utterly wonderful in every respect. It's a metamorphosis that's as impressive and surprising as it is delicious-tasting, and we can't get enough of it.

Takeaway Tip: Blue Honey's khobez wraps are about as good as food in Cardiff gets – packed with flavour and easy to eat on the go – whether that's at home, in the park with a few cold ones, or simply when you're out and about in Cardiff on foot and need something quick, filling and delicious.

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Pitch Bar & Eatery are a fiercely independent little venue who are passionate about delivering simple, honest, modern Welsh food. The team here make a real effort to seek the best, most mouth-watering ingredients that can be found locally from farmers, growers, makers and markets, fusing them together to create innovative flavours and fresh, vibrant, sumptuous dishes; putting their passion for your palate on a plate.

Takeaway Tip: the Pitch burgers are fully customisable, meaning you can make your own ultimate patty stack. We'd be pretty pleased if bae turned up at our door with a personalised burger, #justsaying...

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Published -15th April 2019