This certainly ain't first-date food. This is messy, delicious comfort food that needs to be slurped, scooped and generally manoeuvred into your mouth in any way possible. 

We've suffered the splashes of sauce, stray noodles and general embarrassment of being crap with a pair of chopsticks to find you the best noodle joints in town. 

There’s a few reasons why Wriggle love the sushi at Cardiff Bay’s Yakitori #1 – their fish is stunningly fresh and someone in the kitchen knows what they’re doing with a knife. Sashimi platters are an exercise in precisely executed simplicity whilst maki rolls are beautifully decorated with bright orange fish roe and seaweed fronds. But, it’s not just the sushi at this modern Japanese canteen which is worth checking out. Soba noodles are loaded with plenty of meat, vegetable tempura is served in the lightest of batters and golden gyoza are stuffed with fragrant fillings. In an area which is dominated by chain restaurants, Yakitori #1 is a beacon of quality independence.

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Looks can be deceiving, that’s certainly the case when it comes to Wok-ker Shaker. Located in the shadows of Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium, Wok-ker Shaker looks very much like any of the city’s other bog standard takeaways. In fact, however, it serves some of Cardiff’s most exciting Malaysian food with international students travelling across the city to try their cooking. Nasi Lemak is on the mark from the coconut fragranced rice to the spicy and sweet chilli paste and crispy anchovies and peanuts. It’s all the better served with an extra order of deep flavoured chicken rendang. Other classics include kuey teow (stir fried flat rice noodles), hot and sour laksa soup and empanada like curry puffs. And of course a mug of wonderfully sweet and creamy teh tarik is like builders’ tea dialled up to 11.

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If your kind of a Chinese meal is dayglow Sweet & Sour Pork Balls and grease-soaked Prawn Toast then jog on – there’s nothing for you to see here. However, if you like your Chinese cooking to be that little bit more interesting then City Road’s .CN should pique your interest. Whilst there’s plenty on the menu to please the adventurous, from Hot and Spicy Duck Tongues to Jellyfish with Cucumber, there’s a whole host of less intimidating options. Kung Po Chicken is spiked with dried chillies and peanuts, Guoti Dumplings are frilly-laced with pastry and Crispy Lamb Breast is covered in mounds of ferociously spicy chilli.

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Katiwok has recently moved further up Crwys Road. Here, marinated meat and vegetables are quickly wok-fried before being wrapped in freshly-made flatbreads to form kati rolls. These are huge flavours in a handheld package – the original street food – at very reasonable prices. The spicing is up to you and can be customised to cater for all, there's something for everyone here. Check out their lunchtime deals and noodle boxes too: once you're hooked, you'll stay hooked.

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With its futuristic branding and liberal use of fluorescent colours, Bangkok Café is just a little bit cooler than your average Thai restaurant. And with a menu which goes beyond the obvious, Bangkok Café is just that little bit more interesting too. As a mainstay of Cowbridge Road East, they’ve been doing their thing for far longer than most of the street's other world-food restaurants. For starters check out the seriously addictive spicy beef salad. Then for a main, check out the 'Bangkok Noodles' - glass noodles tossed with prawn, squid, pan choi and a spicy curry sauce. Delish!

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Published -27th April 2018