What could be better than a delicious brunch to set you up for the rest of the weekend? Firstly, it’s the greatest portmanteau of all time. When you shove the words ‘breakfast’ and ‘lunch’ together, it’s an absolute miracle that we didn’t end up with the likes of ‘lunfast’ - so shoutout to whoever made sure ‘brunch’ was put through. 

Secondly, and most importantly, it allows us to eat more food if we want to without feeling guilty. Sure, you could skip either lunch or breakfast in honour of brunch, but why would you wanna do that? Just do all three. Thirdly, and perhaps just as important as point two: you’re allowed to drink alcohol with your meal, and nobody can give you a bad time about it.

Now, ‘brunch’ isn’t without its problems. For a start, its very definition is pretty vague, as one restaurant’s lunch option is another restaurant’s evening offering - but at its core, ‘brunch’ should probably contain some sort of egg (or tofu, if you’re going down the vegan route), and a good amount of carbs. Whatever you go with, know this: brunch is perfect, and so are you if you embrace it.

Have we missed out your favourite brunch spot in Cardif? Let us know! 

If you’re into “simple, honest, modern Welsh food” - then Pitch Bar on Mill Lane is the place to go. Sure, it might be on the end of town you’d typically associate with stag and hen parties more than gastronomic delights, but that’s what makes this choice so great - it’ll fly under the radar for most people. Let’s keep this one between us, ok?

Perfect Brunch option: The pancake stack with halloumi and syrup.

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It’s very chilled at Kin + Ilk – and if you ask us, that's exactly how a brunch venue should be. Glorious brunch dishes adorn the all-day-menu here, and the coffee is some of the very best you can find in Cardiff. Oh, and a word to the wise, when day turns to night it's worth coming back to Kin+Ilk to indulge in a glass of red – this place is just as vibesy when the sun goes down.

Perfect brunch option: Turkish eggs, served with garlic yoghurt and chilli butter. Drool.

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The Garden Deli is a charming cafe nestled over in Roath. Owner Clare serves up a wide range of cakes, coffees, sandwiches, breakfast dishes and other tasty treats. The All day Shakshuka brunch is a real winner. The warm and welcoming staff will make sure to cater your every need and will make you feel just like at home. Head over there to chat with your pals over a glass (or two) of wine, have a delicious brunch or even grab a quick but no less tasty lunch.

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Servini’s has been around for nearly fifty years in Wyndham Arcade (the oldest arcade in Cardiff, no less) – there's a whole lotta history in this room. With a team boasting over 45 years experience, they offer freshly cooked food in a cosy, comfortable environment. This is honest food done well, sold at an affordable price. Expect knock out coffee and all the best-loved British staples – including proper cooked breakfasts, toasties and jacket potatoes.

Perfect Brunch option: we are big fans of the eggs benedict with black pudding, smokey bacon, or halloumi.

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Aj's is a bustling, popular cafe on the vibrant City Road in Cardiff, serving great home-cooked food, including their famous all-day breakfasts. We recommend the divine dish of eggs Benedict with bacon, ham or black pudding. This amazing dish consists of two soft poached eggs served on a warm English muffin with either sliced Torchon ham, bacon or black pudding. Your dish will be served with a tasty Hollandaise sauce with fresh parsley and cracked black pepper.

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Academy Platform is the new addition to the Academy Coffee family: a modern and refurbished shipping container in which you’ll find some of the best coffee in Cardiff – that’s a promise. These guys also have delicious breakfast dishes, tasty lunch treats, and a cracking range of craft beers and cocktails. Join them for one of their live music nights or events, and enjoy your night! They also have Street Food guests joining them quite regularly, just check their socials to see who’s doing the cooking that day, and have fun!

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The lovely team at Longa Cafe are serving up Turkish classics with a modern twist. You'll feel right at home at in Longa Cafe's lovely relaxed, bright setting. It's the perfect place to have a chilled morning with mates tucking into one of their legendary breakfasts. But our description doesn't do it justice - we recommend popping in yourself!

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Don't confine yourself to only eating delicious treats on the weekend, Wriggler! Your belly deserves lavishing with just as much love, affection, and yummy food on weekdays as it does during a lazy Saturday, so Wriggle your way over to the wonderful Calabrisella and start your weekday right. We'd suggest tucking into the Calabrisella traditional English cooked breakfast. It's a whopping enormous great plateful of delicious, perfectly cooked grub; expect beans, mushrooms, cooked tomatoes, bacon, eggs, and plenty of toast. Yum! It's accompanied by your choice of either a crisp, refreshing glass of prosecco (cheeky), or if you're feeling slightly less extravagant, a cup of coffee. But we think you should go for the bubbles, obv.

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This hefty beast from the legends over at Parc Deli may as well be breakfast, brunch, elevenses and a mid-morning snack all rolled into one, it's that much of a big whopper. What's in this crazy creation, we hear you cry? Well, all the best bits of a good old fashioned cooked brekkie, that's what! We're talking two rashers of bacon, two fat sausages, a fried egg and a hash brown, all served up in a fresh baguette or between two human-sized doorstops of bread. It ain't pretty, but it's downright blinkin' delicious. Take that, hunger.

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Have yourself a proper cooked breakfast with an Italian twist, thanks to the brilliant Caffe Fragolino. Get ready to sit down to a tasty plateful of hot goodness. Expect sausages (Glamorgan if you're veggie), toast, hash browns, and pancetta (for that Italian twist!), all topped off with a fried egg! This is the proper way to start your day – so get your mates together and get a Wriggle on.

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This Crwys Rd-based coffee shop is an independent establishment serving coal town coffee, handmade food, and some of the nicest cakes in Cardiff. Pair any of that with one of their ginger beers, and you’re in for a good time.

Perfect Brunch option: The stag breakfast, which is massive and very reasonably priced.

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These guys started life in a street-food truck, touring festivals and events across England and Wales. Now, they knock up the most amazing bagels — giant fistfuls of sandwich with masses of filling options, perfect for the morning commute, a hearty elevenses snack or a quick-fix lunch.

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If your taste buds are craving some tongue tantalising global flavours, why not pay a trip to Masala Restaurant. This lovely bunch specialise in traditional Pakistani and Indian cuisine, so rest assured that you will get authentic food, cooked from the heart and packed with flavour every time you visit. Spice your morning up with some delicious breakfast for you and a special friend at Masala Restaurant. Once there you can determine if you're adventurous enough to indulge in the exquisite authentic Indian breakfast, or stick to your roots by opting for a traditional English breakfast.

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For those of you looking for a filling brunch and a stunning cup of coffee, look no further than Little Man Coffee Company, which is located just outside of St. Davids (on the food side). Not only is the space excellent, but their wi-fi is pretty decent too, which makes it a great option for all you freelancers.

Perfect Brunch option: Smashed avocado on sourdough toast with sweet tomato and chilli relish. Throw in some salmon, and you’re in for a great time.

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Their tagline is ‘Brunch / Bakes / Brews’ - we’re clearly dealing with a tier one brunch restaurant here. Based in the heart of Cathays, the Early Bird is the sort of place that could be based 100 miles outside of Cardiff, and we’d still recommend giving it a go. Plus, their presentation is so good, you're guaranteed a 35% increase in Instagram followers if you’re that way inclined.

Perfect Brunch option: Their green eggs and ham option featuring smoked ham, poached egg, and hazelnut pesto on a toasted brioche.

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What it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in atmosphere, soul-shakingly good coffee, and a menu that doesn’t beat you over the head with its many options (quality over quantity). Their cakes are also worth a visit too.

Perfect Brunch option: The bagel stuffed with streaky bacon, cream cheese, and Canadian maple syrup.

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The warm glow that emanates from this High Street Arcade establishment could partly be down to the lighting and wooden features, but we’re almost certain it’s the result of its happy patrons chowing down on brunch. Or drinking gin. Perhaps both.

Perfect Brunch option: They have some great bagel options, but we recommend grabbing the charcuterie board.

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Another gem from the High Street Arcade… New York Deli is known for its carb-loaded menu, from hoagies and bagels to hot dogs and burgers. While we’d usually stay clear of burgers for brunch, if you’re dealing with a pretty nasty hangover, it might boost your chances of survival.

Perfect Brunch option: The breakfast bagel with egg mayo and bacon might sound like a simple choice, but your belly will thank you for it.

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Ahh this point, we might as well rename the High Street Arcade the Much Brunch Arcade (a working title). Corner Coffee is a relatively new name on the scene, but with an extensive brunch menu, and high-quality coffee close at hand, you’d be a fool to pass it up.

Perfect Brunch option: American pancakes with fruit, syrup, mixed berry compote and of course, bacon.

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With locations all over the city, it was really hard pinpointing our favourite location. While the allure of Penarth Pavillion was strong, we ultimately went with the understated nature of the Penarth town spot. However, with a core menu that stretches across every establishment, you can’t really go wrong whatever option you pick.

Perfect Brunch option: The double fried egg sourdough sandwich, with smoked cheese and chilli jam.

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Penylan Pantry is the sort of place you accidentally stumble across during a traffic diversion, mumbling to yourself to look it up some time. You never do because you have a terrible memory, and it’s a bit off the beaten path. Time to change that. Just make sure you get down their early because it’s very, very popular.

Perfect Brunch option: Free range, soft boiled eggs, with smoked salmon and toast.

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While Wally’s is best known for its deli, it’s worth heading towards the back and up the stairs to their kaffeehaus, which offers up breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and plenty of mouthwatering desserts.

Perfect Brunch option: We’re not overthinking this one, it’s their salt beef bagel.

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Cardiff’s first 100% vegan cafe is open to anyone looking to experience vegan food done well. Actually, scrap that, it’s not just done ‘well’, it’s probably one of the finest vegan restaurants you’ll ever experience.

Perfect Brunch option: If we were to make a list of the most iconic Cardiff dishes. Anna Loka’s Cali Breakfast would certainly be in the running.

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Last, but certainly not least is the Chapter Arts Centre in Canton. When you’ve finished checking out the latest arthouse film in their boutique cinema, we recommend checking out their food offerings too. While they don’t have a specific brunch menu, their breakfasts run until 11:30, with their lunch menu seamlessly taking over.

Perfect Brunch option: Pre-11:30, go with their boutique breakfast. From 11:30 onwards, go with the sloppy joe focaccia.

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Hogwurst, Cardiff's specialist bricks-and-mortar hot dog joint, is all about the relaxed vibe. Popping with colour and resonating to the sound of proper playlists and mouth-half-full chatter, it's a place to kick back, enjoy heartily made grub and soak in the youthful ambience of an area sited smack-bang between Cardiff's vibrant student quarter and the eastern edge of the beautiful Blackweir Fields. These guys do a mean choice of brunches, too – perfect for soaking up the excesses of the night before.

Perfect Brunch option: it's got to be the full cooked breakfast.

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If a luxurious bottomless brunch steeped in Cardaffian history if what you’re after, look no further than The Exchange. For £30 you and your pals can soak in the history of the former Coal Exchange whilst supping on bottomless Prosecco for 90 minutes, and dig into one of the heavenly brunch dishes on offer. From a full Welsh breakfast to Eggs Benedict, if you’re craving it, they’ve got it. These boozy affairs run the first Saturday of every month so make sure you get you and the gang booked in.

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Published -15th November 2019