Blogger Sarah Phillpott asked two local Cardiff foodie entrepreneurs to share the lunchtime treat that gets them through a long working day....

Tim Corrigan - Milk and Sugar

Tim Corrigan runs Milk and Sugar, an award-winning independent café with five sites in Cardiff. The ever-changing menus at all the cafes centre around seasonal produce, and everything is made on site by their in-house chefs. 

Here’s how you can make Tim’s favourite sandwich, Pastrami, Emmental & Mayo, at home...

"Take some fresh bread (white or brown, that's up to you) and spread with a spoonful of wholegrain mustard mixed with Hellman's original mayonnaise. Pile on a few slices of good quality pastrami, followed by slices of Emmental cheese. Add a few fresh spinach leaves, chuck in some gherkins, then lightly season with salt and cracked black pepper. My favourite!"

Gareth Lawton - Fresh Baguette 

Fresh Baguette in the Royal Arcade is the spot where city workers head for a satisfying takeaway lunch; this place has been feeding hungry Cardiffians for over fifteen years. Owner Gareth Lawton is passionate about using good quality ingredients, and in his shop, all baguettes are made freshly to order. 

Here’s his take on a classic cheese Ploughman’s sandwich...

"Take some slices of strong (perferably Welsh) cheddar, like Black Bomber or Colliers, and layer onto a white baguette spread with chutney – a tomato and chutney variety will work well here. Add a sliced apple, pear or grapes (or all three!) and pickled onions and top with toasted walnuts and/or pecans for a satisfying crunch."

Written By Sarah Philpott @ Veggingit

Published -12th June 2018