Cardiff's hottest culinary creations are here on Wriggle. From all you can lavishly topped hot dogs to barista training and coffee workshops right through to the hottest new vegan opening in town, we've sourced some of the best in the 'Diff for you to sample – and all at a pretty special price, too. 

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Greazy Vegan is the perfect antidote to the preachy, smug narrative that so often surrounds veganism and 'clean eating', making it seem unapproachable and unaffordable. Sick of the constant cycle of kale and quinoa, the chefs at Greazy Vegan decided to take a stand, and began cooking the indulgent, greasy, tasty junk food of their wildest drunken fantasies – completely cruelty free. Thus, Greazy Vegan was born, bringing joy to junk food-loving vegans across Cardiff.

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Servini’s has been around for nearly fifty years in Wyndham Arcade (the oldest arcade in Cardiff, no less) – there's a whole lotta history in this room. With a team boasting over 45 years experience, they offer freshly cooked food in a cosy, comfortable environment. This is honest food done well, sold at an affordable price. Expect knock out coffee and all the best-loved British staples – including proper cooked breakfasts, toasties and jacket potatoes.

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Hogwurst's dogs are all packed with high-grade-super-pork from Native Gloucester Breeds reared on small farms (no cheapo mystery meat here!), all slathered in generous amounts of toppings and arranged on top of brioche buns from the local baker extraordinaire at Allen's - thus guaranteeing that each porky creation is as mouthwatering as the last. The thick, creamy milkshakes are a thing of joy, too.

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With this Wriggle, you'll be tucking into a proper cheese toastie, made using sourdough bread, Welsh cheddar cheese, juicy cooked ham, and a homemade tomato chutney. As well as that lovely lot of lushness, you'll be sipping on any coffee – trust us when we say that the KIN + ILK team know their Arabica from their Robusta, and make a banging cup of joe.

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Buffalo is the sort of eye-catching indie that'll have you saying "bi-son" to the likes of Wetherspoons' Central Bar across the road in no time at all. Serving up an adventurous variety of beers, an easy-drinking selection of cocktails laden with speciality spirits (but, thankfully, avoiding any needless pretence) and a satisfyingly uncomplicated but very much delicious food offering, Buffalo is one of our favourite spots to kick back and relax.

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Yang's is run by the now legendary couple of Mr and Mrs Yang. Mr Yang trained in China before he started his catering business, transporting his wisdom to the streets of Cardiff, where he opened Yang's. The menu contains a delectable array of nearly 70 different Cantonese, Peking, Szechuan, and Hong Kong style dishes, with an impressive number of vegetarian options included, too. Get stuck in – but don't blame us when you eat too much and have to roll home!

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The Little Man Garage gang are in fact big men on the Cardiff coffee scene, with a near-unrivalled knowledge and passion for coffee. They source and serve a dazzling array of different speciality coffees, carefully chosen from over 25 roasters. At their amazing hands-on coffee masterclasses, you can learn all the tricks of the trade, from latte art to extracting the sweetest brew.

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Wriggle your way over to Quay Street Kitchen this lunchtime and nab yourself a delicious, nutritious and fantastically filling foodie treat. With this Wriggle, you'll be tucking into a heavenly toasted halloumi wrap. This is no average wrap, though. Packed full of chargrilled halloumi, homemade hummus, fragrant carrot and toasted cumin salad, toasted peanuts and peppery rocket, it's a zingy, vibrant taste sensation, and an absolutely banging choice for lunch. Add yourself a cold drink and that's a winning combo!

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Bwyta Bwyd Bombai (simply translated as "eating Bombai food") is a tapestry of spice, a celebraton of culinary colour and a street-food café in the truest sense. Here, authentic Indian workers-lunches, mini meals and finger foods excite tastebuds; ears tingle as conversation bounces from lofted ceiling to arcade window; imaginations echo eastwards as vibrant Thali platters slide across tabletops, crisp dosas are teased apart and cutlery is all but forgotten.

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Forget skipping breakfast and struggling on till lunchtime today – Wriggle your way up to 200 Degrees instead and treat yourself to something yummy to start your day right. Kickstart yourself with a coffee of your choice, then nab any tasty brekky item that takes your fancy. Choose from buttery, flaky fresh pastries, filled croissants (cheese & ham is our favourite, obv), crumbly muffins, or unctuous, creamy yoghurts.

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Published -27th August 2018