We've got some downright delicious burgers on offer in this city, but we wanted to know, when push comes to shove, which Cardiff burger would local food bloggers choose if it was to be their last meal on earth.

Morbid, we know, but we wanted them to take this as seriously as the topic deserves...

Without further ado, here are the results from a few of Cardiff's most eminent foodies.

Welsh Girl Problems

"Deffo The Grazing Shed’s Chicken Yokozuna with Super Tidy slaw, pictured below. It’s a secret menu option that’ll change your life. Plus, if it’s my last hour, I’m gettin' about 400 bottles of Prosecco with it."

Gourmet Gorro:

"Hit me up with a Prairie Girl from Burger Theory UK and a Blue Cheeseburger from Spit n Sawdust."

Vegging it:

"I’d wolf down the Dirty Vegan from The Grazing Shed before heading over to Anna Loka for any of their amazing vegan burgers."

And a few other suggestions of note...

Published -19th August 2019