The health benefits of following a vegan or vegetarian diet have been acknowledged across the board, and they bring with them a feel-good factor, too! Across the city, foodie fanatics have discovered that a plate of meat-free, dairy-free and even 100% plant-based food can be bloody lush.

So keep it going! We've got a hellova lotta Wriggles for you to relish this month, all suited to plant-based, meat-free eating. 

The veggie breakfast at the delightful Parc Deli is a balanced plate of indulgent ingredients and nutritious additions. But if brekkie isn't your fave, treat yourself to a delicious lunchtime Jamaican rice bowl instead: deliciously spicy black beans and sweet potato, topped off with a Jamaican spiced sauce. And watch out for the egg-free carrot cakes too; they're an absolute must!

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Don't let the name put you off. With a build-your-own approach to creating your perfect patty + bun combination, the kitchen caters to both vegans and vegetarians. Vegetarians should take advantage of the takeaway cheeseburger lunch and fill a bun with a choice of black bean and chipotle, oyster mushroom & hickory barbecue, or chickpea and sweet potato. Vegans will enjoy the four bean burger with a potato and mixed grain, brown bun.

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Vegans and vegetarians are celebrated, not sidelined, by this menu. Lunch is wholesome, plant-based and delicious here. Examples of salad dishes include peach and daikon (that’s a type of radish to you and us), cauliflower tabbouleh with broad beans and apple, and rainbow chard with squash and figs. These flagship salads are all veggie (and mostly vegan) and 100 % delicious.

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Now in their new home in the Capitol Centre, Atma still remains a sacred space where conscious living combines itself with wholesome and nutritious food. Run by the Hare Krishnas of Cardiff, Atma is more than just a lifestyle lounge. Their Ahimsa vegetarian and vegan menu means theres something for everyone; Atma’s mission is to satisfy the bodies, minds and souls of the people of Cardiff - or in other words, to make everyone happy! We can get on board with that.

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Serving up their plant-based goodness made fresh in front of you, the seasonal 'whole food bowls' from Milgi's market stall are packed full of flavour, colour and goodness. Alongside the deli counter - bursting with fresh seasonal salads - you will also find a small lifestyle shop, making it super simple to pick up staples including Himalayan pink salt, vegan aioli, homemade hummus, and jars of sauerkraut.

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Tiny Rebel Cardiff is a pantheon of powerfully-hopped pintage and craftily-bottled beers; this not-so-tiny redbrick cube is where those who believe in a beerier-brew really go to church. Conceived in a garage in Newport in 2008 and with imaginations fired-up through retro computer games, 90's urban culture and a desire to break from the status-quo, these home-brew tearaways now have a stable of boundary-pushing craft beers which, since 2012, have been winning national awards for fun. They also make a mean - and massive - vegan sub; perfect washed down with one of their vegan craft beers!

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Wriggle are thrilled that Steen has finally opened his own lovely little cafe on Windsor Street, where you can try his wholesome and delicious menu, all sourced locally and crafted from super sustainable ingredients. Steen creates fresh and exciting dishes perfect for anytime of day - including his fabulous, food-waste-busting vegan burger, prepped with whatever veggies he's got spare in the kitchen each day.

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Set cheek by jowl with the city centre's thicket of concrete commercialism (but standing a lightyear apart from neighbouring chains) Buffalo is a welcome departure from the norm in this part of town - the sort of eye-catching indie that'll have you saying "bi-son" to the likes of Wetherspoons' Central Bar across the road. Serving up an adventurous variety of beers, an easy-drinking selection of cocktails and a satisfyingly uncomplicated food offering, Buffalo's mix of proper nourishment and lounge-chic is pretty damn good. They also make a lush veggie burger - stacked with golden onion rings, crispy iceberg lettuce and a giant buffalo tomato.

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This place will get you buzzing with fresh, locally sourced ingredients to satisfy even the fussiest of friends. Jenn's nutritional background makes her the Queen Bee when it comes to ingredients, with energy boosting berries, and holistic hemp seeds, perfect for feeding the soul! The Bee & Honey is a cosy communal space with it's focus on plant based food, but in this friendly space you'll meet omnivores, herbivores, vegans and anything else in between.

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Another stellar foodie addition to the city centre's burgeoning indie food and drink collective, QSK has undoubtedly strengthened Quay Street and Womanby Street's claim as Cardiff's very own parallel universe of ultra-visit-worthy indie deliciousness. Boasting a dazzling array of kaleidescopic salads, grilled cheese brunches, epiphany-inducing cake and perfectly poised coffee, this is a minimalist brunch-come-lunch gem that you'll not want to miss. Great service, food that is as gratifying as it is simple and an enviable city centre location: for brekkie or lunch in this part of town, you couldn't want anything more.

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Published -20th March 2018