Bored of listening to your mates go on and on about work in the pub? Grab a ticket to one of this week's most interesting Cardiff events and bond over something a bit more stimulating instead. 

1. Watch 'All But Gone' @ The Other Room, Porters 

Every Day: 1st - 14th April

Through the eyes of the young and old; the lovesick and alone; the delinquent and belligerent, 'All But Gone' peers deep inside the psyche for the truth behind our love and asks - what use is love when the mind fractures and fades? Is it our vice, or our only remedy? Matthew Trevannion’s brand-new play is the first production from The Other Room's new Artistic Director, Dan Jones.

Tickets cost £8 and are available here.

2. Learn how to make a perfect latte @ Little Man Garage

Selected dates: 12th, 18th, 19th & 25th April

Always fancied learning how to create beautifully instagrammable lattes, whilst discovering more about the provenance of your beans? Your coffee prayers will be answered with Little Man's incredible barista training session (for two). 

Tickets cost £18 and are available here.

3. Catch a clever movie @ Dusty Knuckle - and quiz the director afterwards

Friday 13th April

Dusty Knuckle are hosting an exclusive season of thought-provoking and educational viewings at The Printhaus on Llandaff Road. The first film is "We Are Many" - the remarkable story of the global protest against the Iraq war (the biggest protest in history) and how it changed the world. 

Tickets cost £10 and are available here.

4. Throw shapes at the 3D Brass Motown Takeover @ Gwdihw

Friday 13th April 

Fancy a rip-roaring night of impeccable live music, delicious drinks and downright dirty good times with your best pals? Head to Gwdihw, where 3D Brass are launching their latest Motown takeover. Expect a boogified selection of classic Motown tracks from the legendary US label, as 3D Brass pump up the volume to turn old favourites into a floor-filling funk-fest. 

Tickets cost £3 and are available here.

5. Hone your cookery skills @ Mint & Mustard (Whitchurch)

Sunday 15th April

Unleash your culinary spirit and immerse yourself in the creative, inspiring world of Mint and Mustard. This cookery class experience is designed to teach you all the tricks of the trade; you'll have a step by step guide through one chicken dish and one vegatable curry using the freshest of ingredients sourced from around the world. Alongside learning the art of the perfecting basmati rice, you'll also get some much-kneaded knowlegde on making traditional chapattis. 

Tickets cost £120 and are available here. 

Published -8th April 2018