You can win a lifetime supply of pizza in Bristol this weekend!

If you haven’t heard of the Pizzarova Pink Card yet, prepare to be amazed. This exclusive card entitles the owner to free pizzas for life from any of the Pizzarova sites. You can’t buy these card, they can only be given away with permission from Pizzarova.

We at Wriggle have teamed up with Pizzarova to offer a free card to one lucky winner who completes our Instagram scavenger hunt. Runners up will enjoy free Wriggle credit for the best photos and free pizzas for the first 10 back to the secret meeting spot

How do I win this wonderful card? 

We're going to keep the details of the Treasure Hunt a secret for now but what you'll need to know for the moment is this: 

- The Treasure Hunt will start 12pm Sunday 5th November at the Pizzarova Crate in Wapping Wharf (you'll need to be there). 

- You need to bring your phone (with a working camera) with you. Make sure you have an Instagram or Twitter account. 

- Buy this free Wriggle, which will act as an entry ticket to the Treasure Hunt 

- We'll contact you before Sunday with more details. 

*Important - Make sure your email and phone number are up to date on your account, otherwise you'll miss the Treasure Hunt instructions*

Who Are Pizzarova?

Choose either a carefully created monthly specials or unlimited toppings on your own creation (in order to satisfy your bizarre anchovy/blue cheese cravings) Pizzarova is the pizza for the people. What's more, their pizza is made from slowly fermenting sourdough which has been rising for 69 years, giving a light and airy dough with a distinctive taste. Find ‘em atop Gloucester Road or down in the new foodopolis of Wapping Wharf. Very stylish indeed.

Find out more about them here

Published -1st November 2017