It's National Burger Day, burger fans, and we've searched for the mightiest burger bars willing to offer the meatiest deals. Get your app ready, come in and snap up something ginormous to celebrate the most auspicious of days. 

50p Burgers @ Ciao Burger

OH MY BEEFING GOD Ciao Burger are offering you an Angus or Bean burger for a staggering 50P!!! These are super limited so get in quick! Turn up with your Wriggle code and a pocket full of change if you want to turn your hamburger into a BAMburger. We worked out it would cost a measly £2.68 for a burger and everything on it. Madness.

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PBJ Burgers @ Holy Cow

Known for a hearty paddock of feel-good diner-style burgers, Holy Cow's burger chefs have suddenly gone all dirty on us for National Burger Day: it's peanut butter jelly time on the floating harbour, and we very much approve of the resulting special-edition burger creation. Currently lacking a catchy name, the "Peanut-Butter Chilli-Jam Cheese n' Bacon" is a renegade nonetheless. For your burger, expect a handmade patty topped with crunchy peanut butter, smothered in chilli jam, encased in melted Americal cheese and topped with a double rasher of streaky bacon.

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Burger And Fries @ Clifton Pantry

To celebrate National Burger Day, tuck into your choice of Clifton Pantry's signature burgers along with a hearty portion of french fries. Choose from their Dry Aged Beef Burger or their Pantry Black Bean Veggie Burger, with your pick of an extra topping.

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The Cuba Libre Burger Deal @ Asado

To celebrate National Burger Day, get down to Asado for a mucho tasty Cuba Libre treat: An utterly heavenly, limited-edition Cuba Libre burger, a Corn Cob slathered in spice, cheese and butter and a proper Cuba Libre. The meal includes: Pic credit @Fitwaffle

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Smoke & Glaze @ The Pipe & Slippers

Smoke & Glaze is a nod to shared passions for Southern American cuisine. All their food reflects a shared passion for cajun/creole cuisine, whilst the meat is full of flavour and falls apart with a hard stare! Their pickles, glazes and sauces are prepared from scratch to ensure their po-boys and burgers deliver a unique and irresistible flavour. No funny business and no compromises.​

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Bacon Cheese Burger @ Steam Beer Hall

On National Burger day - a day of ceremoniously ridiculous burger incarnations and experimentation - sometimes keeping things simple is the best plan of action. Enter The Janner Burger at The Cornish Burger Co - strong in the arm, full-steam-ahead and not standing for any messing about, it's a proper Westcountry cheese and bacon burger. A 6oz ground beef Cornish patty from Sandy Park butchers, a slice of melted cheese (Westcountry Cheddar, Monterey Jack or Swiss), Cornish streaky bacon and a hearty dollop of tangy red onion marmalade. Get yours before they go!

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Choice Of Three Banging Burgers @ The Bank Tavern

So.Many.Burgers. To celebrate National Burger Day, Bank Tavern are giving you the lucky chance to tuck into your choice of Buttermilk Fried Ham or Cow Burger served with double-fried chips. Add two of their mental toppings for just £1.50 - get as creative as you like! Get yours before they go!

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Any Patty, 2 Sauces, Side And A Drink @ Any Burger Joint

Bristol's gourmet burger pioneers - Burger Joint - have lined up a one-off face-melter of a Wriggle for your National Burger Day delectation - and it's a doozie. 1. Choose absolutely any burger patty 2. Add a couple of free sauces (don't forget to stack your unique creation high with delicious extra burger toppings 3. Grab yourself a side (we love the sweet potato fries) 4. Finally - order yourself any beer or glass of wine off their drinks menu!

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The Nice And Spicy Wriggle Special @ Burger Theory St Stephens Street

Tuck into a juicy 5oz beef patty topped with garlic and lemon crispy, fried chicken. Smothered in a gooey layer of swiss cheese and finally lashings of a punchy, spicy Nduja aioli. You are going to grab a few napkins for this one.

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The Chief @ Oowee Diner

It wouldn't be National Burger Day if we didn't get these purveyors of filth and decadence on would it? We had a chat and decided that we needed something pretty special to celebrate and came up with this. The Chief' is a juicy, grilled single steak patty that has been topped with gooey, melty double American cheese. Then we thought we would nestle a crispy, buttermilk chicken thigh on top of that and throw on a bit more grilled American and Swiss cheese There was still a bit of room so decided to slather on some baconnaise all over the top and bottom buns. This is a burger made for wearing an adult bib for.

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Published -22nd August 2017