It's National Burger Day, burger fans, and we've searched for the mightiest burger bars willing to offer the meatiest deals. Get your app ready, come in and snap up something ginormous to celebrate the most auspicious of days. 

OH MY BEEFING GOD Ciao Burger are offering you an Angus or Bean burger for a staggering 50P!!! These are super limited so get in quick! Turn up with your Wriggle code and a pocket full of change if you want to turn your hamburger into a BAMburger. We worked out it would cost a measly £2.68 for a burger and everything on it. Madness.

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To celebrate National Burger Day, get down to Asado for a mucho tasty Cuba Libre treat: An utterly heavenly, limited-edition Cuba Libre burger, a Corn Cob slathered in spice, cheese and butter and a proper Cuba Libre. The meal includes: Pic credit @Fitwaffle

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Smoke & Glaze is a nod to shared passions for Southern American cuisine. All their food reflects a shared passion for cajun/creole cuisine, whilst the meat is full of flavour and falls apart with a hard stare! Their pickles, glazes and sauces are prepared from scratch to ensure their po-boys and burgers deliver a unique and irresistible flavour. No funny business and no compromises.​

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So.Many.Burgers. To celebrate National Burger Day, Bank Tavern are giving you the lucky chance to tuck into your choice of Buttermilk Fried Ham or Cow Burger served with double-fried chips. Add two of their mental toppings for just £1.50 - get as creative as you like! Get yours before they go!

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Bristol's gourmet burger pioneers - Burger Joint - have lined up a one-off face-melter of a Wriggle for your National Burger Day delectation - and it's a doozie. 1. Choose absolutely any burger patty 2. Add a couple of free sauces (don't forget to stack your unique creation high with delicious extra burger toppings 3. Grab yourself a side (we love the sweet potato fries) 4. Finally - order yourself any beer or glass of wine off their drinks menu!

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Published -22nd August 2017