Every August, Edinburgh becomes a mecca for the arts, as creatives and comedians across the country make the pilgrimage North.

Hatchbacks stuffed with costumes and starving artists swarm the motorways, and the rest of the country runs the risk of a month of empty evenings.

Bristolians need not fear however, we have buckets of talent behind every door and have put together a list of the best gigs in town.

A comedy night with a difference. Experience the best of Bristol’s new talent through a series of short 5 minute performances. Show & Tell performers bring an artefact with them to pass around, or sometimes they perform alongside a Powerpoint in a Beyonce-ish way that makes Dave Gorman look like Michelle Williams. 

 With a different theme every time, the anecdotes and doodahs make for a night of sharing common experiences and laughing away our anxieties. You can even participate in the Q & A after each performer’s slot. Playing at the Wardrobe Theatre, get your tickets now

Theatre Jam is The Bristol Improv Theatre’s performance and social night, where anyone is invited to get up on stage and perform improvised games (think Whose Line Is It Anyway, minus the cheese). One of Bristol’s most popular free events (most gigs tend to fill the venue’s 120-seat theatre), this is the perfect chance to mingle with Bristol’s vibrant theatre community, and even try improvising for yourself! 

 If you’re feeling a little more laid back, you can also grab a drink and just enjoy the show. Opening on Friday night at the Bristol Improv Theatre, see more info here

At the peak of his fame, Weng Weng, was the most famous Filipino celebrity of his generation, however 30 years on, he is barely remembered. Intrigued to find out what happened to the diminutive superstar and why he has been forgotten by the Filipino film industry, Australian film-maker Andrew Leavold spent 20 years trying to find him and the last seven making the documentary The Search For Weng Weng to get some answers. 

 The screening of the film will be followed by a Q&A with Andrew Leavold who is currently doing a world tour to promote his new book - The Search For Weng Weng. Do yourself a favour and get your ticket here now, because they are going to go fast!

We’ve all been on a bad date or two/twenty, so London’s inimitable, C3 Something is giving us a chance to share these stories of bemusement and misfortune with a room of strangers; letting it inspire a series of scenes and sketches to silver line the memory. Next, the movie! 

See everything you'd expect from a movie improvised live on stage from your suggestions — dramatic camera angles, tense editing, high-flying action sequences and a tender denouement.

"A great night out!" -London Pub Theatres 

"Indubitably blessed with the gifts of comic timing and charm." - Mediolana 

"Genuinely remarkable" - Broadwaybaby 

Three shows in one night make this a mid-month bonanza. Get your tickets now

Published -1st August 2017