Lunchtime can be such a challenge. You want something nice but what do you want? And where do you want it from? A lot of the time you end up just going to the supermarket for a limp meal deal as you can't think of anything to inspire you. Fear not! Wriggle have come to your rescue with a veritable smörgåsbord of lunch-y inspiration to awaken your tastebuds. 

Healthy Lebanese @ Five Grains

Five Grains is the newest arrival on a stretch of Baldwin Street brimming with fantastic world food - and it's been a Wriggle team lunchtime favourite for a number of months, so we're delighted to introduce it to you. Five Grains brings a healthy and rustic Middle Eastern style to city-centre folk - with their specialty being the Manoushé, a Lebanese panini-style flatbread, which they fill with a variety of options including lamb, cheese, cucumber, tomatoes and olives. These are served with stunning juices and smoothies which are created in front of you - either an entirely fruit and vegetable type affair, or for a sweet toothed morning enhancer, try one of their energy boosters.

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Knuckle Sandwich @ Rebel Roll

For those of you who have got a real hunger, get over to Rebel Roll and work your way through a Knuckle Sandwich. A plethora of slow-cooked meats are packed into a wrap with smoked cheese, mayo and pineapple salsa. It's a monster and jammed full of flavour. The feedback from our Wrigglers has ranged from 'amazing' to 'the best f**king thing I've ever ate'. High praise indeed.

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Veggie Khobez Wrap @ Roll For The Soul

The vegetarian lunchtime deal here will win over even the most die-hard meat fan. Roll for the Soul is a cycling based community cafe in the heart of the city. Their khobez wraps are the thing of dreams - we highly recommend the anything-but-limp falafel wrap accompanied with everything they offer to throw in it. This is one of those immense meals that you feel should be bad for you, but when you think about it, everything here is super healthy.

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Healthy Korean Lunch @ Tuk Tuck

One of the most popular venues on Wriggle, Tuk Tuck offer some top-quality lunchtime deals to the Bristol masses. Their usuals are either a nourishing Thai red curry or a bibimbap, the latter being a Korean dish of rice, topped with vegetables, meat and a fried egg. Grab some of their awesome chilli paste and stir it all together. We're no body of health professionals, but we're certain that this helps cure everything from a nasty cold to more self-inflicted ailments. A tucked-away gem in Bristol.

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Panini Meal Deal @ The Beer Emporium

You may be surprised to know The Beer Emporium offer a winning sandwich meal deal. For no more than you'd pay at a supermarket, you get a freshly made panini and a drink of your choice. Fillings take a Mediterranean influence and are toasted to melty cheese-filled perfection. If that wasn't great enough, they also have a range of the best beers in Bristol, perfect for a Friday lunch and a half pint with colleagues.

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NYC Pizza Slices @ Proven Pizza

From the owners of Bagel Boy, Proven Pizza is a long-time favourite with Wriggle. In true NYC style, they're selling their pizza by the slice with at least 8 different flavours to choose from. Personal recommendation - grab yourseld a classic pepperoni - smokey, fiery, and full of flavour.

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Mud Dock

Head over to Mud Dock for their exceptional lunchtime deals. Veggies and meat-eaters are well catered for here with falafel, bean burgers and chicken schwarma all available. All are fantastic and there's the added bonus of their outdoor seating being perfect on a sunny day.

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Upcoming Wriggles

Veggie Lunch @ Spike Island Cafe

Spike Island is first and foremost an international centre for the development of contemporary art and design. But you can also get some righteous local, organic and sustainable grub in the heart of the Spike Island arts space, brought to you by the makers of Bristol’s award-winning Folk House Café. In the fabulous setting of the harbourside, this bright and spacious café is the perfect spot to meet with friends, and to enjoy a stroll around a contemporary art gallery whilst you’re at it.

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Bakesmiths on Whiteladies Road is a real Wriggle hub of freshly-baked goodies. Our pick for the week - Bakesmiths' Hot-Pressed Sandwiches - including Buttered Mushrooms (Buttered Mushrooms with Sage, Cheddar, Worcester Sauce & Bechamel), the Dirty Breakfast (Mashed Dirty Beans, Mushrooms, Eggs & Cheddar), Roasted Veg (Roasted Veg, Feta, Thyme, Sticky Onion Jam & Creamy Cheese Sauce) and Dijon & Honey Roasted Chicken (Dijon & Honey Roasted Chicken, Swiss Cheese & Bechamel). Each is served with fresh green leaves and crisps and a Small Coffee of your choice.

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Yume Kitchen

Yume Kitchen holds a special place in Wriggle's heart. It was the first establishment to join the platform back in 2014 and we think it's just fantastic. Selected as one of the Guardian's top Cheap Eats, this is a bastion of quality food at affordable prices. Want a recommendation? Check out their fresh salmon cooked in sweet and sticky soy sauce (Teriyaki), served with a hearty portion of rice & a few nuggets of crispy squid!

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Cafe Matariki

It's a hidden-secret, Cafe Matariki. Tucked on the opposite bank of the river from Castle Park, about 50m from Bristol Bridge - it's a cafe with a passion for fresh, seasonal and locally-sourced food. Chef Janice Heskett knows her stuff as well, having spent years running an award-winning Clifton Deli, a well-known spot amongst the area's foodies. Each day she prepares a new selection of dishes - typically inspired by the Antipodes, normally healthy (try their rejuvenating juices), but with the odd naughty-sweet-treat thrown in. The cafe comes hand-in-hand with the Pacific Yoga studio - so this is the perfect place to improve your wellbeing through quality grub and a burst of exercise.

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Proper Pizza @ Giuseppe's

Classico and magnifico! Giuseppe’s is both at once. Tucked along a backstreet off St Nick’s in Old Town, it offers a slice of little Italy in an area saturated by cool contemporary cafes. We love the traditional white tablecloths, the perfectly set tableware, the waiting staff’s crisp white overalls, and the aroma of freshly picked basil and melting mozzarella.

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