"What are you doing for lunch?" your co-worker asks again. You suppress the eye roll. You don't know! You're busy, you're hungry and most importantly you can't decide between a sad meal deal or that dry ham sarnie you packed before leaving for work in the vain attempt to be "good". We're here to slap that outta your hand and point you towards something a bit more inspiring. Scroll down and find something to excite you and importantly, get you away from that desk. 

Lucien Gordon of Patty and Bun fame in London has come back to Bristol and opened on Park Row. Heavy on the Bristol and South American influence, he is serving those burgers pink & juicy, using organic, high welfare beef and topped with West Country cheese. These burgers are not for the faint of heart and tend to tower from their enamel plates, sauce and cheese oozing from the side creating a pleasing puddle for chip dipping. We have only seen one person eat these burgers without a knife and fork, for everyone else we recommend it.

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One of the most popular venues on Wriggle, Tuk Tuck offer some top-quality lunchtime deals to the Bristol masses. Think big steaming bowls of comfort food in the form of katsu curry and rice, bibimbap topped with plenty of veg and protein, dumplings and everything coated in lashings of their very own, house hot sauce. Seating is a little limited here so we highly suggest that you get here a little early or a little late, or take advantage of the outdoor seating if the weather allows you.

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Chilli Daddy has got to be one of Bristol's best loved gems when it comes to street food. Starting from a stall at St Nicks and expanding two three bricks and mortar locations, Chilli Daddy serves up authentic spicy Schezwan gold, sometimes with a smile, in their higgildty piggilty cafes. Huge bowls of hot pots and saozi ladled over your choice of rice or various noodles at a spice level you choose between 1 - 5. Summer brings their ever popular noodle salad, a cold box of wheat noodles, a sweet spicy sauce, lettuce and a topped with either poached or fried chicken. An absolute treat (and office obsession).

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From street food truck to shipping container owners, GThe Pickled Brikset is Bristol's only dedicated salt beef bar, its the sandwich shop we didn't know we needed. They cure locally sourced beef which is farmed on the Somerset Levels and serve it on bread from a local family bakery. They even have their own mustard produced here in Bristol by Gingerbeard's Preserves, an award winning chutney and condiment maker. Each sandwich is carved to order to provide a hot salt beef sandwich that would be fit to grace the plate of any New York deli. They serve a variety of different hot salt beef treats including their famous Reuben with blow torched Swiss Cheese. These are best enjoyed sitting on the harbour wall surrounded by hungry swans.

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Pizza is good for any meal (scientists have claimed last nights cold pizza is better for you than sugar laden cereals so eat that za with pride) but it's especially good for lunch. Pizza Workshop are champions of the low and slow proving method, allowing their sourdough bases to do their thing in their own time resulting in a base that's packed full of flavour and can support their range of lovely toppings. Having nailed the pizza, Pizza Workshop also offer boccas, a calzone-cum-sandwich that is stuffed full of cheese, salad and whatever else takes your fancy. Perfect for the lunchtime explorer that wants a slightly lighter option to an entire pizza.

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The Woolly Cactus is a Tex-Mex trailer located on the corner of Victoria Street and Bath Street: the home of some of Bristol's best burritos (but don’t overlook the fajitas, either). They sell darn good Mexi-grub from early morning to early evening. Each tasty treat on the menu is made to order for each customer, and each dish has an almost infinite number of variations to keep you coming back. How’s about pulled pork with roasted tomato salsa and habanero? Or chipotle chicken with sour cream & Jack cheese? Or steak chile verde with a zingy slaw and guacamole?

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Another office favourite, Rollin' Vietnamese has been bringing Vietnamese food to unsuspecting Broadmead shoppers since 2017. Tucked away in the Arcades, they are offering big bowls of pho that pack a flavourful punch, vermiccili salads that are perfect for a warm day and bahn mi sandwiches stuffed full of marinated meat, pickled vegetables and salad. Exciting and delicious extras include their summer rolls, filled with meat or veggie options that pair exquisitely with plum sauce and of course their bubble tea. Eat in or takeaway to the park if the weather is cooperating and enjoy a lunch that is a little different to what you might be used to.

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The Burger Joint is absolutely Bristol's first independent burger bar that focused on giving customers something a bit different and they are still standing strong. Burger Joint have given the menu back to the customer allowing you to be in charge of what sort of burger and sides you fancy. Their lunchtime deals are no different, although if you buy a Wriggle these are takeaway only so take plenty of napkins.

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Bertha's are always the top of our list when it comes to great pizza, flavourful, charred base, punchy tomato sauce and a range of inventive, fresh and sometimes out-there toppings Bertha's is "the one" when it comes to doing Friday lunch properly. Our favourite seat is up front at the bar to watch this sough slingers expertly creating our pizzas, popping them in the wood fire oven and tipped gently onto a plate in a matter of minutes. If you want to really enjoy yourself make sure you pay a little extra for one of their dips.

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You wouldn't even realise this quirky little restaurant started it's life as a shipping container. Its light and airy interior, intimate seating and view of the kitchen pass (important to those who can't relax til the food comes), makes Harbour & Browns one great place to have a proper sit down lunch. We always suggest you book a table (or oof the weather is good, bag an outside seat) and enjoy fresh cooked food in generous portions.

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We respect all pizza cravings here, but there is something about a slow proved dough that makes that pizza taste so much better. Bomboloni are one of our favourite neighborhood Italian restaurants and is the perfect place to sit and ENJOY lunch instead of trying to cram something in over a keyboard. Choose from some delicious toppings maybe order an extra glass of wine and relax.

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There is nothing more British, more scared, more revered than a proper pub lunch. The Rose of Denmark is a wonderful, old fashioned boozer that offer a great selection of beers, wines and lunch options during the week. Pick something off the sandwich menu, you wont find a stale ham sandwich here and take time over your lunch break. We personally love the chicken liver and champagne pate, rocket and tomato chutney sandwich or the grilled lamb shoulder, red pepper, chilli sauce and sour cream gyros wrap.

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The seasonally changing lunch menu uses organic and sustainable ingredients as a matter of course, buying from local and trusted suppliers. With this in mind you can enjoy your lunch at the folk house cafe without worrying about carbon footprints, plastic consumption or pesticides. Phew! Once you've finished your lunch we really recommend grabbing one of their fresh cakes on your way out to enjoy later, they're delicious!

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Published -4th April 2018