The best burger run down is back and it's bigger than ever. At Wriggle, we're borderline obsessed with burgers and have many a time got into a debate about which is the best in Bristol.

We're really spoilt for choice here with a number of burger joints being nationally recognised as the best in the land, so we couldn't go and give these burgers a ranking order as they all have their unique merits. So consider this your definitive burger shopping list instead - knowing that at the end of a feasting in any of these locations you'll be full, happy and ready for another one on the list.


This is not just another burger place... Lucien Gordon of Patty and Bun fame in London has come back to Bristol and opened on Park Row. Heavy on the Bristol and South American influence, he is serving those burgers pink & juicy, using organic, high welfare beef and topped with West Country cheese. The patties are cooked on a proper wood fired grill for that sought after, char grilled taste. Veggies are catered for too, check out their buttermilk fried pepper burger, it's something different! As a delicious added treat, they make their own habanero hot sauce and mayo in house and my goodness it's packed with flavour. We tried to get the recipe out of Lucien but he wasn't budging.

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Burger Theory

Each burger on this list stands out from the rest of the crowd for a particular reason - for Burger Theory, it's the flavour they pack into their burgers. Griddling the meat at a very high heat creates great caramelisation that intensifies the taste of the burger. This flavour is powerful and resists being overwhelmed by anything you add, a unique and meaty burger to grab when passing by their new resturant. If you're thinking that all this flavour means a compromise on size, you'd be wrong. And for vegetarians, the veggie burger is head and shoulders above the rest. Get on.

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You know there's something in a place when The Good Food awards rate it for serving Bristol's best burgers. Well Chomp, we agree, and you've provided us many a chance to chow down on a brilliant burger (or two). The burger menu is short, listing a House Classic, Dirty Classic, and a Bloody Veggie, proving that several great ingredients make an award-winning bun. The meat is incredibly well seasoned and offers a sensuous mouthful with every bite. Other specialities include steak, bourbon and beer. You'll find that Chomp places equal importance on a smooth measure of Buffalo Trace bourbon as a thick chateaubriand fillet steak.

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Smoke & Glaze @ The Pipe & Slippers

The best burgers in Stokes Croft (and a Wriggle post-work favourite), Smoke & Glaze offers a taste of the American South in the Mild West of Bristol. While they have a reputation for creating fantastic po' boys, the burgers have really stood out. Think chargrilled patties with your choice of pickles and sauces, all made on the premises. They're topped with cider-braised pulled pork or cajun king prawns, before adding favourites like cheddar cheese and guacamole. Sandwich all between a fresh brioche bun, and you'll see why it's made the list. Try the 'Best Steak Dinner' burger for something a little bit different to any other burger purveyor on this list.

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Burger Joint

Are you after an award-winning burger? Well, look no further than the Burger Joint. With both The Daily Telegraph and TripAdvisor listing this Bristol-only chain in their 'Top 10 burgers in the UK', it's not shy of critical acclaim. And rightly so. Fun fact: you could eat at Burger Joint burger every day for the rest of your life and never run out of choices. In fact, we've worked out that they have 268 million different burger combinations to pick from. That means the fussiest of eaters will definitely be catered for here, as will as the more adventurous (Kangaroo burger, anyone?). A flagship of the Bristol food scene that has people coming from across the country to try it, so you probably should too.

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Oowee Diner

Oowee are the purveyors of a proper dirty burger and respect two things greatly - meat & cheese - and give you handsome quantities of each. The burgers are the stuff of the American Dream, inspired by Southern cooking and midwest-American dirty food. The Saucy Bird Burger is a knockout get-up of crispy chicken thigh, American and Swiss cheese, fried onion and baconnaise. Even the simple single patty burger comes with pickles, American mustard and homemade relish. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Peanut Butter Bacon Burger is exactly what it says on the tin, plus cheese. We dare you to conquer it.

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A Bristolian company who have ventured out into the rest of the UK with their successful recipe, Grillstock is much-loved by Wriggle - especially our tech team. Grillstock are masters in their trade, cooking their meat 'low and slow' for the most tender meat meals this side of Texas. If you're having a burger there, don't miss out on all the other meaty treats - cram them in there with the burger. If that hasn't got you salivating, then consider this; Grillstock even have their own (sell-out) annual festival at the Harbourside, celebrating meat, beer and music. Lovely.

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The Hobgoblin

Nestled in the renowned Gloucester Road is The Hobgoblin. Usually bustling with drinkers, this pub hides a little secret to the unaware; dirty, dirty food. Despite this being a burger article, it's worth noting that their dirty fries are both dirty and gargantuan. You won't finish them. Their burger flavour combos are eclectic (peanut butter anyone?) but all pack a big punch of flavour. A good starter is the 'Rodeo Burger'. A juicy meat patty topped with crisp bacon rashers, melted cheddar, onion rings and smothered in sweet and smokey BBQ sauce.

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Rocotillos, Bristol loves you and it loves your burger baps. These guys have been about for 25 years - and considering that the average age of the Wriggle office isn't far off this - we consider them to be verging on legendary status. This is where to find a burger that was created pre burger-boom era, and Rocotillos lends its style to the classic American diner. Sink your teeth into a classic ground beef patty, sidled between all the trimmings in a floury bap. Rocotillos has mastered the ratio of crispy salad, tomato and lettuce to lightly oiled, salted and deep-fried deliciousness. They haven't just mastered the authentic American burger either. No no. Speak to any Bristolian who's visited and their eyes will light up as they talk about the shakes these guys make. So good, John Travolta would approve.

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The Cauldron Restaurant

The Cauldron are nationally recognised for their incredible food, with them being added to the prestigious Good Food Guide this year (plus national critics fawning over their food). Their burgers are a real standout in the menu though. Not one, but *two* juicy free-range Gloucester Old Spot pork burgers drenched in melted cheese. Instead of the usual brioche bun, The Cauldron have taken the bold (and right) move to use pretzel buns to tame this behemoth -perfectly paired with homemade mayonnaise & dill pickles. It doesn't stop there. They have arguably the best chips in Bristol. Big chunks of ultra crunchy on the outside, fluffy-in-the-middle potato genius.

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Three Brothers Burgers

Three Brothers needs no introduction to a Bristolian. Situated at the end of King Street (on a boat), it has been a burger star of Bristol for a few years now. While the venue is unique and the atmosphere is always buzzing, Three Brothers make sure it's their burgers that people are raving about afterwards. It's the quality of the meat used and the consistency in the cooking that makes this place shine. Quality cuts come as standard here, promising a juicy, melt-in-the-mouth burger every time you visit. Plus a great choice of burgers are on offer (we highly recommend the Blue Brothers), and an equally impressive range of craft beers (including offerings from local Bristol breweries) to wash it all down.

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Cornish Burger Co. @ Steam

Steam brings a fittingly industrial vibe to the magnificent old station-building off Whiteladies Rd. Already loved for craft beer and rotisserie chicken, their new pop-up - The Cornish Burger Co - is steam-powering a patty revolution fit for Brunel himself. These Kernow burgers are sizey eats (the Cornish are famed for their appetites) but still get flavour and texture spot-on in all the right places. Tangy relish and cornichon pickles tickle the tastebuds; Cornish Blue, Cheddar and Monterrey Jack cheeses bubble and melt over glazed n' toasted baps; 100% Cornish beef burgers satisfy with every moist, succulent, hint-of-pink-in-the-middle nibble. The Cornish Burger Co's meat-free offerings are proper job, too: think spicy bean patties, layered grilled veg and goo-infused Swiss. In a town of boundary pushing techno-burgers, here is proof that the old-school still gets the job done. Simple, well-sourced and named after Jethro and Denzil Penberthy.

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Published -12th June 2017