Bristol, you are just ridiculous when it comes to good food. 

The streets are lined with independent eateries, there's crafty bars by the beer-load, and you even house a huge network of fantastic food bloggers. There's restaurants dedicated to vegan junk food, cuisine from all corners of the Earth, and even a couple of Michelin star gems. 

With this comes some of the best Instagram feeds filled with food, food, glorious food. Here's the best of the bunch from January. 

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Steamed buns stuffed with braised pork, Hoi Sin ketchup, apple and peanut powder at Woky Ko

Breakfast bonanza at The Crafty Egg

Spread of beetroot dahl, raddish sprouts and sherry vinegar salad from the pro Elly Pear

The Krabbi Patty at Rebel Roll, made with stringy American cheese, lobster and truffle mayo

Kimchi and blue cheese creation from Bertha's

Pulled pork, blue cheese, Cheddar and garlic mayo equals dirty fries to die for at The Hobgoblin

Is this seriously the best scotch egg ever? This snap proves Pigsty is no yolk

A whopper of a roast from Yurt Lush, laid out in all its golden glory

A mouth-watering creation served at HMSS, proving there's no time for Dry January

Hot, hearty mess - macaroni cheese done justice at Watershed

Big thanks to @jesscarter_ for her photos of the Yurt Bistro launch

Published -7th February 2017