Be you a Tolkeinite or an Asimovphile, the class clown or a doodler, we have something for all laugh-lovers in our comedy treasure box, this September. Take a peep under the lid and ogle something a out of the ordinary, as the stories and characters we all know and love, get flipped around and dunked in wit.

With more genre comedy coming to town than ever before, this is the perfect chance to indulge in your own particular predilections. Here is a selection of some of the finest funny around. 

The jet-setting smarty pants, Project 2, have rocked audiences from Texas to Sweden with their improvised science fictions stories, eventually landing here, in bonny Bristol. 

With nods to Firefly, Back to the Future, Blade Runner, Doctor Who, Shaun of the Dead, Solaris, Futurama and every sci-fi you have ever watched, these guys know their time travelling robots from their sentient gas clouds.

The group create an entirely new and unique science fiction play every show so, jump in their telephone box and venture into the great unknown at the Bristol Improv Theatre.

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Scratchworks Theatre return with their raucous take on the heist of the century, featuring physical theatre, live music and clowning. 

Cast your minds back to 1963, 15 men have just put a finger up to the government and stolen 2 million British pounds from Her Majesty’s Royal Mail train. Five days later, the gang was busted. But what about the ones that got away…?

Join the four forgotten females as they leave behind their kitchen-sinks for mischief and mayhem as Scratchworks unfold the untold tale of the unlikely female four. 

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Join our brave band of heroes in an improvised epic fantasy quest, led by the all-powerful Gamemaster! 

Our heroes will search for treasure, battle deadly foes, and contend with dangerous twists of fate as they struggle against evil and risk their lives with the roll of a dice.

Journey to the magical fantasy world inspired by a certain popular roleplaying game (which we can't mention by name for copyright reasons) and root for your favourite character, wince in horror at the grimace of a Bugbear and maybe throw a rock at goblin or two.

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Youtube sensations and all round alarmingly talented, handsome men, The RH Experience are back with another bout of razor-sharp improvised comedy!

An hour of storytelling, comedy and songs, all told against an ever-changing live-illustrated backdrop inspired by you, the audience, and drawn by Beano illustrator Ed Stockham.

We guarantee that The RH Experience's Scribble is the perfect feel-good show for all comedy and art lovers!

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Published -4th September 2017