Going green is easier than you think, there are some small things you can do to start living a more sustainable lifestyle. From switching to reusable water bottles to taking along your own container for takeaway food, these are some of the best Instagram accounts to follow in Bristol for daily eco inspo. 

Waste Not Bristol launched a campaign to create eco starter kits for charities in the South West. The aim is to help those who may not have the initial funds to invest in eco products so they can start their low waste journeys. Their instagram account explores all things environmentally conscious and gives practical tips on cutting down daily waste.

Laura, a mum of two from Bristol documents her low impact life as she strives to send less to landfill. Her colourful Instagram sheds light on the trials and tribulations of living a sustainable life with a young family.

Full of tips and tricks on where to buy sustainable products in Bristol. From where to buy plastic-free razors to plastic-free veg boxes, this account has you covered for the city’s most ethical choices.

Lucy’s instagram shows her family life of living sustainably, when sleep deprivation allows. An eclectic mix of zero waste solutions, beauty tips and mummy hacks. She also has an awesome Youtube channel packed with waste reducing tips and tricks.

A mum with a passion for wellbeing and the environment, on this insta feed you’ll find useful mummy tips, plastic-free solutions, and some great self care advice.

20-something lifestyle blogger, Monalogue’s gram is full of ethereal, fairytale landscapes as she documents her travels around the stunning English countryside. Follow her as she shares her thoughts on mental health, food and the environment. Her stories are a great source of plant-friendly advice.

Bristol’s first zero-waste shop, Zero Green, came about for two reasons; firstly, its owners were frustrated with how much packaging is used everyday items and understanding just how damaging plastic, specifically single use plastic, is for our planet. Secondly, they realised that if they wanted to see something done about it, they would have to do it themselves, so they have!

Ellie and Lucy have created the Better Bristol and Beyond project - they document their personal journeys towards a ‘better’ lifestyle. Defining better as happier, healthier, more sustainable and more ethical. By focusing on these things, their aim is to leave a better footprint on the earth, not just a carbon one.

Boasting a 100% plastic-free kitchen, Bristol blogger, She Dreams in Green, is all about those zero waste tips. You’ll find heaps of useful advice on where to shop plastic-free, compostable products and creative low impact creations.

Reni is on journey to to create a sustainable home for her and her family and she’s sharing it for the world to see. From homemade toothpaste to loose produce bundles, there’s tons of tips for living a healthy, guilt-free life.

Published -20th February 2019