If you're craving stodge like nobody's business and love to eat out, it can be hard to avoid temptation. Luckily, we have the low-down on where to head for a healthy alternative. 

When it's time to take a break from burgers and pizzas, you'll be pleased that Bristol is a hub of healthy cafes and restaurants. Here's a round up of venues serving great grub that promise to leave your body feeling like a temple. For a bit, anyway...

Tuk Tuck

When you’re in the mood for Asian flavours… If I had to describe Tuk-Tuck in one word, it would undoubtedly be fresh. From the egg-topped bimimbap to the aromatic Thai salad box, all of their dishes are made fresh-to-order and loaded with veggies. Don’t worry, they’re filling too! Lunch or dinner, Tuk-Tuck is a firm favourite with its loyal customers. Im included me in this loyal following, to the point that the team laugh when I ask for a menu.

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For an eclectic choice... Our favourite newbie to Stokes Croft, we predict Ceres will soon be famed for their nutritious black rice pudding, and for creating unbeatable flat whites made using silky Square Mile coffee beans. Tom at Ceres proudly labels itself as the place as a ‘Melbourne-style cafe’, taking on the speciality coffee culture and healthy lifestyle of sun-kissed Australians. And indeed, it's a great shout for a wholesome lunch that won't put you in a food coma. Perhaps a bit of a hipster hot-spot, the menu is a checklist of culinary buzzwords like avocado, halloumi, protein pot and gluten free. That's definitely not a bad thing however, and Ceres is fairly priced and reliably yum.

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Easy Rawlins

For a surprisingly guilt-free hangover brunch… Easy Rawling is an Afro-Carribean diner serving fresh healthy food. Yep, you heard right. Touted as the ‘best vegan breakfast in Bristol’, this plug may not appeal to all. Far from being of vegan value only, big­-boned breakfast seekers can still get their brawns worth. A creative culinary take on the classic fry-­up more than compensates for being bacon-free. Tomatoes are baked full of lentils, cheese can be smothered unsparingly and sizzling sausages are available to those who cannot omit meat.

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Thali Café

For a health kick from across the continents... Granted, when you think of Indian food you probably don't exactly think healthy. But Thali Café is a far cry from the high-fat kormas and greasy naans from your local curry house. The menu lists fresh alternatives that taste damn good. The stir-fried Keralan thoran is fresh, easy on the oil, and full of veg - who'd have thought! Likewise, the dairy free thali and Goan fish curry dishes feel really nutritious to eat. Having enjoyed your main, you'd be more than forgiven for treating yourself to the wickedly indulgent banana fritters. Well, it is fruit.

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The Bristolian

If you’re in the mood for fresh salad… Call me a freak, but few things excite me quite like a reaaaally good salad. Forget limp iceberg lettuce and a few token cherry tomatoes. The planet-conscious guys at The Bristolian create exciting, delicious and filling salads. The counter is always stocked up with around eight different dishes, which just makes choosing a struggle.

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Five Grains

Five Grains is as wholesome as it's namesake. As you approach the counter and reel off your order, you'll instantly feel better about yourself. Sat beside Nova shisha bar, it brings variation to row of Asian cuisine along Baldwin Street. You'll easily distinguish Five Grains by its rustic, wooden decor and colourful display of jarred spices. The manoush is the main event here, a thick Levantine dough wrap spread with goodness and topped with fresh fillings. Five Grains does the mother of all manoushes, deal for breakfast or lunch, smothered ground thyme, sumac and seeds, before being layered with vitamin-filled food stuff. Other fillings include traditional minced beef with onions, and a range of super smoothies. Look out for the Wriggle lunch deal that includes fruit and a smoothie. This is the ultimate detox without a Deliciously Ella recipe in sight.

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Roll For The Soul

Mostly organic, totally veggie, and 100% cycling chic, Roll for the Soul promotes health for your body and mind. The freshness of the ingredients hits you as you walk in the door and behold a counter brimming with deli fillings and vats of creamy hummus. Roll for the Soul got on the health-kick train early, serving fresh Middle Eastern-inspired food since opening, and have since honed the perfect khobez wrap. The solid range of vegan dishes show the cafe's commitment to a healthy, wholesome diets, and prove that vegan food be neither measly or mundane. Look out for well-being talks and nutrition courses held in the cafe if you are being mindful about your health.

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Better Food – St Werburghs

Whether you're in St Werburghs, Whapping Wharf or Whiteladies Road, Better Food Co have got your health food covered. Arguably the forefathers of organic, sustainable eateries across the city, Better Food have always promised one thing - better food. The company strive to sell only the best quality produce, and pretty much everything is stamped with organic, ethical and sustainable accreditation. Better Food promises that comforting smell of real, rustic foodstuff, untainted by chemicals or crammed into plastic packaging. It's here you'll find your wholegrain chia and quinoa energy balls, spirulina and baobob crispbread, and organic unsweetened rice milk. Now if that's not a health kick in a shopping basket, we don't know what is.

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Published -16th November 2016