As a notoriously bohemian city, it's no surprise that Bristol has a veritable feast of vegetarian hotspots. Food-loving Bristolian Lucy Harrison talks about her favourite veggie locations. 

With the rise of the flexitarian diet and meat-free Mondays being a regular thing, vegetarian restaurants are cropping up more than ever before. And for good reason too. Taking the ethical reasons to one side, vegetarian food is bloody delicious. Bristol's culture mixed with its love of food has meant that a meat-free lifestyle is not only easily sustainable but incredibly good fun to explore. 

So put your veggie radar on and get down to one of our top picks to see exactly what we're talking about for yourself. 

Tucked away in the Bearpit, Flow is an intimate favourite of cultured foodies where vegetables are the star of the show. This truly hidden gem boasts a menu of creative small plates made with locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. Interestingly, they don't actually call themselves a vegetarian restaurant. According to Flow, the simple mission is to make great food that anyone will love, and it just happens to be meat-free. And they have succeeded - even devoted meat lovers will leave satisfied by the beautiful, full-flavoured dishes. The menu changes often, so you can be sure to find a new favourite with each visit.

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Channeling community spirit, Roll for the Soul is a non-profit cycle-shop-cum-cafe, and the beating heart of Bristol's cycling club. Though the food and coffee is popular with weary cyclists, the fantastic menu of huge khobez wraps and hearty warm salads pull in the lunchtime crowd from across the city. The vegan and vegetarian cuisine includes dishes such as salad with homemade hot-roasted falafel, and aubergine and white bean burgers.

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A ground breaking addition to Easton's fast-growing foodie scene, Maitreya Social is a true Bristol institution. The restaurant claims to be the first truly vegetarian restaurant in Bristol, and remained dedicated to serving first-class plant-based food at reasonable prices. Open from morning 'til night, pop in anytime for your veggie fix. They do a mean hangover brunch, and we particularly recommend the spiced hash browns with spinach, poached eggs, dukkah and chilli sauce if you're done with the standard fry up. As for dinner, there's a lot of choice, including the adventurous pulled jackfruit tacos, a glorious dish made to be worshipped. The atmosphere is cosy and charming, and always busy - be sure to book ahead.

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A Bristol review focusing on vegetarian food just wouldn't be complete without falafel, would it? Luckily, we've got two venues in this line up. First up, this little hut in Castle Park serving a range of middle-eastern delights throughout the day. Edna's Kitchen is one of the cheapest lunch options in Bristol. You can get a filling lunch for less than a fiver, which isn't to be sniffed at for city centre prices. There are a few outdoor seats, but it's better suited for picking up lunch on the run. Our top tip? Grab yourself a mezze selection and have a picnic on the banks of Castle Park overlooking the water.

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Eat a Pitta is a working-lunch favourite of busy Bristolians, and the falafels could easily become an addiction of ours. With three outlets across the city, you are never far from the freshly made mounds of brightly coloured Middle Eastern cuisine piled high and steaming with spices. The original St Nick's outlet draws the longest queues for food in Bristol, and you'll only need to order there once to discover why.

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Okay, so this one's not strictly vegetarian. But as a Stokes Croft favourite that can be relied on for offering more vegetarian and vegan options than meat dishes, it truly deserves a mention. The food is creative, reliably yummy, and so fresh that the menu changes almost daily - there's even a mural map showing where their produce comes from. For just £10 you'll get a bowl of soup with bread followed by a hearty meal of your choice, plus change for a drink while you wait. Food aside, The Canteen is a great space to hangout in, play some ping pong, plus they have live music, for free, every night of the week. There's really no excuse not to check it out.

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Published -31st October 2016