Falafel, why is it I love you so? Is it your deep, earthy flavour? Or the crunchy crust that hides a fluffy and light centre? Add hummus into the mix and you've got a symphony of chickpea deliciousness. Even veggies and meat eaters agree: Falafel is the boss.

Luckily, Bristol has some bloody fantastic Middle Eastern food venues to get your fala-fill. Let's take you on a quick tour of the city to find the best falafel around. 

Biblos is the king of cool for falafel. Whether you’re after a bite on the hoof, an al fresco snack, a healthy takeaway or a sit-down meal, there's a Biblos venue for it. Snaffle a quick falafel at Biblos Stokes Croft, or book a table for a falafel feast at Biblos on the Hill. The falafel mezze platter is the best shout if you've got a keen craving...

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Falafel King is the very first falafel outlet in Bristol with its own pitta factory. The original venue is a Harbourside stall with a pure and simple menu. The bite-size falafels are fried to order in a matter of minutes and we love helping ourselves to the sauces. Try chilli, tahini, mango or lashings of all three. The second venue on Cotham Hill has indoor seating and a basement cavern known as The Khan. There’s even a shisha garden for post-falafel fun.

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Easton has enjoyed an explosion of foodie openings in recent years, and Baba Ganoush is one of the best. Find this colourful eatery and their falafel along the vibrant Stapleton Road. The falafels are medium in size, with a perfect crunchy crumb, and best enjoyed wrapped up in thick, doughy khobez bread.

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On the edge of Castle Park beside the church, Edna’s Kitchen is one of our all-time favourites. Edna’s falafels are crispy on the outside yet warm and tender in the middle, and they come in the freshest, squidgiest pitta bread. We love the green chilli sauce, but if you aren't a hot-head don’t worry – they’ll always ask. The salad box is a great gluten-free option, and the large is big enough for two. Somehow, there’s an extra large option, so save some for dinner.

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We'd consider it a sin to leave out Eat a Pitta. Their famous falafel pitta comes piled with refreshing tabbouleh, a range of pickles, and juicy salads. Each falafel is colossal, made with hearty chunks of chickpea and cooked fresh. The masterly stroke of the falafel-making team is packing the pitta so that the bread remains slightly crisp. Gluten-free peeps will appreciate the option of six or ten falafels boxed-up with heaps of hummus.

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Head to Souk Kitchen if you like your falafels as a side, rather than the main event. Their delicate falafel dishes are served with various accompaniments, while the mezze selection ranges from marinated olives through to chargrilled charmoula ox heart. We love the bright, contemporary feel created by the vibrant Middle Eastern motifs that run throughout the decor.

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This Lebanese eating house serve spectacular platters of hot and cold mezze that include falafels, hummus, baba ganoush, stuffed vine leaves and filo parcels. We just can’t get over how great (and filling) the food is here. At lunch, a platter of six mezze plus a main course with rice and bread can be ordered for £5. No time to stay? Mezze Palace also does takeaway.

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Published -27th January 2017