Returning to the same haunts with your loved one, or taking every first date to the same restaurant? You're murdering romance or jinxing your luck with love, and it's time that tacky wine bar was boycotted. 

And so what if the date is doomed within the first five minutes - that's no excuse not to enjoy some great food and a bottle of fine wine. 

If you choose somewhere a little different to dine in, at least you'll have indulged in that other life-long love obsession - food, food, glorious food. Here's where to head to, whether it's a Valentine's Day special or a wild-card night out.  

Nothing brings out a person's true colours like board games. Nowhere knows board games like Chance & Counters. Book in for a session and treat your date to mystery, intrigue and good-old competitive spirit. Don't know your Settlers of Catan from your Cards Against Humanity? No problem – Board Game Gurus are on hand to provide you with all the knowledge you'll need to impress a novice.

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Not much of a fancy dinner kind of person? Playground Coffee House will charm the pants off your lunchtime lover. Meet for a coffee, have a game of Jenga, and while away the afternoon in this welcoming space. The staff are always smiling (and chatty if things get awkward) and the coffee's always perfect. If you really can't get conversation going, order a delicious white chocolate and raspberry blondie to share, and we're sure the sweet talk will soon start.

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Let us paint you a picture: candles gently flicker between the two of you, delicious food is spread before you both, and the twinkling lights of the riverside surround you... Ahhh, Under The Stars. Even the name is romantic, right? Climb aboard this Art Deco-styled boat moored at the harbourside. Bedecked with fairy lights and serving a charming selection of tapas and wine, this is one for romantics.

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Gloucester Road's The Gallimaufry is pretty famous for having once been a haunt of George Ezra, but this place has more going for it than the odd acoustic warbler. Some of the most interesting and exciting live music in Bristol performs here almost every night, so it's a great place to take your musically-minded date. The performances will fill any awkward silences, and the artwork on the walls are a go-to talking point. The great selection of craft beer and mean gin cocktails will keep the convo flowing, too.

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You might want to get your glad rags on for this one. Milk Thistle is one seriously swish speakeasy, hidden (literally) within the city centre. Knock, knock and you'll be whisked through the door and into a relic of time gone by. With your date's eyes aflame in delight, settle down to lounge across the leather sofas, while sipping at fine cocktails. The staff will make you both feel like royalty, and the potent Champagne bubbles will put some liquid love into your evening.

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'...when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie...that's amore!' Indeed, Italian cuisine has long been the object of romantic music and movie quotes. Flour & Ash is already a favourite of Bristol's Romeos and Juliets, a restaurant made for falling in love within. 'Tis the food of lust - think authentic pizza with sensual strings of cheese, dripping seductively from a sourdough base. The restaurant is a stylish and pared back, with carafes of wine adding to the twinkling tableware. Enjoy the rich, creamy pizza toppings and that warm romantic fuzzy feeling throughout the night.

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Once upon a time, Marina O'Loughlin summarised The Cauldron Restaurant with the following; "Mad: a bit. Delicious: Absolutely." This rustic wholesome restaurant can be found along Mina Road in the St Werburgh's free-spirited community. The bohemian vibe is channelled in the kitchen, from the use of charcoal powered cast-iron cauldrons, to the unusual spices and allotment-grown ingredients used in the food. The homely goodness of this place permeates everything including the hodge podge furniture and the massive mural on the wall. Let The Cauldron fires ignite the fires in your heart.

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Nothing says tells you more about a person than watching them eat. Do they poke and prod at their food with a knife and fork, delicately chew on their meal and offer little opinion? Or do they take it with both hands, smash it into their face with sauce dripping down their chin whilst making the same sounds that embarrassed you the first time you watched When Harry Met Sally? If you're looking for the latter than take them to Asado where these towering, juicy burgers are liberally topped with cheese and sauce and are served standing about a foot tall. Get the measure of your beau here!

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Fancy taking this party home? Going out to eat is nice but sometimes privacy and the comforts of your own place is more what you're after. Sweet Mart are going to help you out here but providing the food whilst you grab the wine, candles and make sure the bed-sheets are washed. You'll choose one curry, a generous portion of rice (boiled or fried basmati), two traditional Gujarati-style samosas, and a little pot of delicious homemade sauce; think tamarind sauce or raita. Entertaining more than one? We have a deal for 4 people too so no one feels left out.

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Published -30th January 2018