The health benefits and feel-good factor of vegan and vegetarian eating have been acknowledged. Across the country and this city, you foodie fanatics have discovered that a plate of meat-free, dairy-free and even 100% plant based food can be bloody fantastic.

We know a lot of you are taking part in veganuary and we want you to keep it going! We've got some top Wriggles for you to relish this week, suited to plant-based, meat-free eating. 

They might be known for their creole seasoned patties and wings but Smoke and Glaze aren't leaving the vegans behind. Introducing the Vegan Natty, a garlic and thyme roasted portobello mushroom, beetroot black pudding, sticky red cabbage, tangy relish, ranch dressing, and spiced ketchup. Pair with fries and you've got something special.

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Bristol's original purveyors of vibrant, creative and downright delicious Vegan and Veggie Indian Streetfood have recently set up shop in one of Cargo 2's lovely little shipping containers. Accommodating a smidge over 8 covers and serving dishes from across the subcontinent (think a rotating selection of Goan, Bengali and South Indian cuisine), eating here is most definitely a colourful experience. If you can't get a seat there's no need to fret, either - this Wriggle will have you and a hungry-significant-other more than covered. Perfect for a tasty night-in.

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Chai Walla slather sweet, tangy mango chutney all over their pillow soft wraps, layer it up with homemade salads, homemade raita and tamarind, and a cheeky dose of chaat masala, before packing the wrap full of six freshly fried onion bhajis. Yes, six! The resulting wrap is delicious and addictive, and also bigger than your head.

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All the pies come with with a kiwi twist (they're potato topped) and the flavours are down right sensational (vegan Macaroni Cheese, Spicy Mexican Bena Chilli and Creamy Mushroom Stroganoff to name a few). Combine the pies with mad-tasty coleslaw and a range of herby, garlic of spicy fries and you'll be laughing. For adventurous, delicious food that absolutely everyone will love, look no further than this quirky pop-up in one of Bristol's best boozers.

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Enjoy a sharer of beautiful veggie and vegan delights - Muhammara w/ walnuts & Za'atar flatbread; Tempura sweet potato & broccoli w/ pomegranate molasses; Grilled aubergine & rocket salad w/ tahini; Gordal olives & marinated artichokes. All with 2 top-notch North St Standard cocktails.

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The magical emporium, a hodgepodge of paraphanalia, a melunge of watchamucallits...The Gallimaufry could have been named any of these things, but a gallimaufry of goodness is precisely what it is. Whether a music-junkie friend raves on about this place, or you already swing by a regular basis for your mid-week G 'n' T, it will already be on your radar. Now offering a daily, comprehensive menu of Vegan food including their small and big plates, you can swing by for a filling lunch, sharers with mates or a special occasion.

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Whether you're after a simple, tasty bite of the orient to set you up for a great evening in Mr Wolfs - or if you're just looking to treat your taste buds to something a little different before heading home - you can't go far wrong with this Wriggle for two (where all noodles are served with stir-fried vegetables and a vegan-friendly base sauce of black bean, soy, vegan oyster, chilli or garlic).

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Visit the magical kasbah of mezze delights this week for a vegan lunch fit for a king. Falafel King have mastered the craft of the chickpea and they’re serving it in delicious Laffa wraps, crammed with Middle-Eastern salads, dips and sauces - or get the whole lot in a salad box. Served with a thirst-quenching Homemade Lemonade, this will fill you up in the best way possible without breaking the bank.

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Scamper over to Cupp for some noodles and Bubble Tea. Taiwanese style vegan noodles, brimming with oodles of authentic flavour, and served with Cupp's house specialty Bubble Tea.

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Published -8th January 2018