A vibrant area dedicated to independent eating, CARGO has fast become a Wriggle favourite. We've eaten our way across the shipping containers, tried all kinds of cuisine, and we love it. 

If you haven't been down to Cargo yet, what on earth have you been waiting for? From pork sharing boards to fresh hot pies, Chinese street food, cider and more, you can spend a few hours nibbling your way around.

Once upon a time there were three brothers. A rugby player, a ship broker and a cabinet maker. The three brothers loved eating meat, especially pork and would continually talk about food, have great food competitions and even fight over food. One day they were having a heated debate about their favourite roast pork and sausages yet none could agree on the best. The debate became so tense they decided to solve the problem by creating their own porky delights which would one day become the best and most delicious in the whole land and BOOM, the Jolly Hog was born. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner with a focus on great tasting and local produce; it's your chance to see how these folks aren't telling any porkies when it comes to cracking food.

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Welcome to the world famous Bristol Cider Shop! Okay maybe not world famous but famous in Bristol and the world of cider at least! As the name suggests, they are specialists in that most Bristoly of drinks: cider (and its pear-based little-sister perry). They've recently upped sticks and joined the foodie-revolution over in Wapping Wharf - serving the finest array of ciders to drink on-the-spot, or take away and enjoy for later.

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Jay Raynor loved it, we love it, Bristol loves it BoxE. is turning heads and taking reservations. With only 14 seats plus four at the kitchen counter you would do well to get your bookings for lunch and dinner in quick, especially now London know about them. Look out for a little seating out on the decking on sunny days, too! Menu wise expect to find fine food and relaxed service. Think modern, European dining with a farm to fork eye on proceedings. Onglet steak, pea soup and roast aubergine all lifted with the use of truffle oil, seasonal produce and a real love of British produce. *Photo credit to Andre Pattenden*

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Little Victories, opened by the charming John and Chris from Small Street Espresso, is the impressive big sister of their first venture – with an enormous floor to ceiling menu packed with mini-fist-pump inducing goodies. Expect the impeccably high standard coffees (courtesy of Clifton coffee) and the usual array of baked goods (courtesy of Hart’s Bakery). But in addition to the Small Street formula, you can now indulge in the likes of cheese and meat boards in the evening, washed down with a selection of local beers from the likes of Left Handed Giant, Arbour and New Bristol Brewery and a carefully chosen wine list to boot. We particularly like the abundance of greenery inside – this does indeed feel like a natural progression for this team.

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Cargo Cargo Cargo, it's all about the Cargo in Bristol, and there is good reason, it has places like Woky Ko serving fresh sharing plates, oodles of noodles and their now infamous bao. Woky Ko is owned by Masterchef finalist Larkin Cen who, like must right minded people, have decided Bristol is the place to be. This is his first resturant and we are lucky to have him! Grab an outside table, order one of everything and watch the people go by as you scoff your East Asian delicacies within eye shot of the kitchen. That's dinner and a show!

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At the heart of these pizzas is the dough. And at the heart of our dough is their sourdough starter or 'mother'. It’s a symbiotic mix of wild yeast, bacteria (think good bacteria) and enzymes. The long ferment gives the natural enzymes time to do their work. The gluten chains are broken down further and you’re left with something which is both delicious and easy to digest. If you’re going to leave your crusts please do so discretely, they don’t want to witness them being thrown away.

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Wild Beer is a brewery in Shepton Mallet that makes some bonkers beers. They’re the experimental chefs of the brewing world, chucking everything from champagne yeast, lobster and mushrooms into their brews and seeing what happens. Most of the time it’s magic. After opening their flagship bar in Cheltenham they turned their attention to the new Wapping Wharf builds and were one of the new units to open. It’s a bright and airy bar with bench seating, encouraging people to share space, a semi-open kitchen and a huge choice of beers to choose from (tasting before buying is highly recommended).

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Standing in the ashes of the Chicken Shed, Root is a brand new concept in a familiar location. Gone is the "posh fast food" joint and instead is a small restaurant serving well thought out small plates with a heavy leaning on seasonal fruit and veg. Here you can dine on exquiste dishes of beetroots, mushrooms, hispi cabbage and fine cheeses along side carefully selected meat and fish dishes. Whether you're popping in for an intimate date night or group knees up there will be something that appeals to everyone here.

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Published -11th June 2018