What better to pull you out of the depths of January despair than a week of eating well. 

If you haven't chowed down on the offerings below, then you need to get Wriggling. This delicious list of cracking dishes are sure to get your taste buds tingling.  

Sock it to me, Smoke & Glaze. These guys know how to put together a plate of fried goodness. Grab their signature burgers, crammed with cheese-loaden trimmings. There's a vegan and vegetarian option, and each comes with a side of soul fries. Hallelujah!

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It pays to pop to Ray's. This place is renowned for HUGE pizza pies with crisp-yet-thick crusts and hell-a-lotta toppings. Grab any pizza with gargantuan toppings for under a fiver and feast your way through (with a pint from The Crofters Rights).

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Pimp up your Wednesday hump day with a bibambap. You heard us - choose any 2 bibimbaps along with a portion of dumplings (you decide, chicken or vegan) to share with a friend.

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BOOM we've only gone and got the hottest place in town offering you something special. Start your morning to a glorious beginning of a bacon, sausage or egg sourdough sarnie served with a side of hot filter coffee. You'll be back the next day for more.

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Gorge yourself silly this Saturday with the ultimate bowl of comfort. The Crafty Egg team have honed the art of fondue, especially for you. Take a delicious date and melt into each other's eyes as you seductively dip bread into creamy hot goodness. Or just grab a friend, enjoy this fondue for two, and pair with wine.

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Published -24th January 2017