Pizza is Italy’s greatest gift to the world. Once a simple flatbread topped with cheese and tomato, it has become the most Instagram-worthy foodstuff of today.

For years, pizza has been a carnivorous creation, and cheese has been a staple ingredient. Bristol's vegetarians and vegans need not fear, for we have combed the city for the best vegan and veggie pies there are to sample. If they're baking something more exciting than a margarita, we've got it.  

At Flour & Ash, pizza is made with a focus on quality ingredients and seasonal produce. As a result, the ever-changing menu can can always be counted on for mouth-watering vegetarian options (think melanzane parmigiana on a pizza and heavenly smoked mozzarella). It almost always includes a stand-out vegan option - think fat artichokes on a tomato base with semi-dried tomatoes, olives and oregano. Many of the sides, such as the seasoned courgette salad, are vegan. If you still have room post pizza, Flour & Ash make their own ice cream too – the peanut butter flavour is too good to ignore.

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A few years ago, Pepenero was one of the only restaurants in Bristol serving vegan pizza. It’s still undeniably one of the best. With vegan versions of pizza classics (including the simple margherita and a fruity Hawaiian) available vegan friendly, this family-run institution can be counted on to care. The menu offers the widest choice of vegan and vegetarian pizzas in the city, and the kitchen uses seperate utensils for meat, vegetarian and vegan food to avoid cross-contamination. To top it all, they do scrumptious vegan ice cream.

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This is the place to get vegan-friendly pizza AND vegan-friendly beer. Neopolitan in style, Ray’s Pizza is a “finely calibrated combination of insanely fresh dough, imported Italian ingredients, a super-hot oven, and an old-school approach”. This is a super-casual dining option with a short but sweet menu starting at a bargain six bucks.

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Under The Stars is another place for quality pizza that, perhaps a little sadly, offers only one vegan option. On the other hand, this does make it a smashing, carefully considered option. The pizza dough is made on board ship, rolled out to a fine consistency. The vegan option is an artisan mix of roast veg and sweet cherry tomatoes topped with delicious, toasted pumpkin seeds. Many of the tapas dishes are also vegan friendly, so you're pretty spoilt for choice when it comes to a side plate or two.

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Bocabar is one of the few places south of the river serving imaginative pizza. While not strictly the prime example of a place well-catered to vegans, it does serve a vegetarian pizza recommended for vegans (minus the goat's cheese, obv.). The vegan-adapted King Cobra pizza is a sinfully rich mix of plum tomato sauce, roast butternut squash, sun-dried tomatoes, caramlised onions, marinated artichokes , rocket and olive oil.

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The joy of Pizzarova is you get to build your own fantastic towering toppings and with plenty of options that are totally meat and diary free, eating the pizza of your dreams is as easy as handing over your card to pay. Think courgettes, capers, chilies, mushrooms, feta and sweet cherry tomatoes generously scattered on a hot charred sourdough base and plenty of garlic or sweet chilli dip for those crusts. Perfection.

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Bertha's has officially changed the face of Bristol's pizza scene forever. The Guardian named this pizzeria as one of the top-ten outside of London, and just one bite of sourdough crust served hot from Bertha herself proves it a worthy accolade. The everyday menu is an even split with meaty and non meaty and requests can be put forth. One of our faves is the Umami Bomb - mozzarella, smoked & roasted potatoes, miso mayo, black garlic. Drizzled with their chilli honey, this is an absolute treat.

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From ex fire truck to bricks and mortar, The G Brothers are slinging pies for Easton and are making sure everyone gets a go. Grab a table in their modest restaurant and choose between some veg-tastic classics like Harissa roasted aubergine, spinach and feta, Egg, spinach, black olives and parmesan or Roasted fennel, chilli and artichoke. If you don't fancy eating in, take it home for in your pants eating.

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Whilst the hasn't a lot to offer vegans and a few for the veggies they do have a fantastic "extras" list at Pizza Workshop. Start with a marg (they have vegan cheese) and add the sort of toppings that make your heart sing. Perhaps you desire caramelised onion, Marinated artichoke , Roasted aubergine, Wild mushrooms, Rocket, Gaeta olives, Mushroom, Fiarielli or Roasted peppers.

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We love the pizzas here at 51 Stokes Croft, they don't mess about with over complicated ingredients and allusions of grandeur. Here you get good and tasty pizzas that can be enjoyed either inside their three tiered pub or out in the courtyard suntrap that points onto the quieter Jamaica street. The options when it comes to toppings are rich and varied, some office faves include "Living On The Veg", roasted aubergine, courgette, peppers and garlic oil or the "Stokes Squash", a gorgeous combo of roast squash, garlic, herb soft roulade and toasted pine nuts.

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A bit of a Bristol institution, Planet Pizza have quietly been getting on with serving up tasty pizza on thin, crispy bases for as long as we can remember. With their open balcony providing expert people watching space, you can enjoy some space themed pizza without a morsel of meat in sight. They do charge a little more for vegan cheese but it's worth it, have yourself a slice of "Earth" Oven roast vegetables, Moroccan spiced chickpeas & fresh parsley or maybe a veggie "Venus" Artichoke hearts marinated in freshherbs, roast peppers & gorgonzola. Powerful flavours that really love a good shake of the chili flakes that are always on the table.

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Published -12th June 2018