Ramen holds a special place in our hearts. Noodles and topping on their own become too dry, liquid broth nothing but a savoury hot drink. However when combined to make Ramen, the result is truly a thing of beauty. Salt, Protein, Umami, Carbs, Greens- Ramen has all you want (apart from Ice Cream) for a soul-nourishing meal. Pho isn’t too far behind as it has been the driving force behind thrusting Vietnamese cuisine into the cultural limelight, spicy, wet and slurpingly good. Here we celebrate the noodle and everything that can be done with it 

Ramen Ya is as close to authentic Tokyo as you're going to find in Bristol. Heavily condensated windows obscure the restaurant's interior from the outside, which on a cold winter's evening is a welcome sight. Stepping inside the restaurant the first thing you see is a big broth-filled soup kettle where the steam emanates from. Paper lanterns adorn the ceilings gifting the shop a delightful glow, which certainly hands itself to the wholesome food they serve. The ramen comes in 3 different forms, tonkotsu, shoyu and spicy seafood, all of which come with an assortment of classic ramen toppings such as Black Fungus, Crispy Shallots, Bean Sprouts and a perfectly Soft Boiled 'Shoyu' egg.

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A hot pot from Dr Weng’s Chilli Daddy is the noodle soup equivalent of setting your mouth on fire. One hot pot comes filled with noodles, a choice of meats and a whole host of spices, fresh veg and peanuts lurking beneath the depths of the murky red broth. Enter into the Baldwin Street premises and join the sometimes snaking queue to place your order, remember your number, grab your chopsticks and breathe in that heady air of spice and listen to the satisfied slurps of the other patrons. This isn’t your classic pansy Sweet and Sour Chicken. This is a full blown flavour assault. And you ought to try it.

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If a well-balanced bowl of warming Pho is the fan-favourite of a good Vietnamese eatery, then a positively perked-up portion of Bun Bo Hue is the little-known B-side with a dedicated cult following. This punchy noodle number is served with bean sprouts, coriander, fresh herbs, spices and chillies (ask the team if you fancy tackling extra a few scovilles in your broth...) and dig in, if you went too far with the spice, nab yourself a bubble tea to cool things off.

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Some may say the quaint modest space of a shipping container is a perfect fit for the beloved Cupp, They serve delicious vegan Taiwanese noodles (that you can add beef too if that's your bag). A steaming bowlful of rice noodles with pak choi, spring onions and carrots in a traditional aromatic broth should always be paired with a fruity bubble tea.

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For healthy, tasty and mightily filling wok-tossed Asian street noodles - served lightning fast and piled high in proper cardboard takeaway boxes (like the ones you used to see on "Friends", just waaaay more turquoise) - Wok Boxstix in Broadmead is a solid in-and-out-shout. But with recipes garnered from owner Christina's favourite dishes in the hawker markets of Singapore and Malaysia - and a genuine indie emphasis on affordbalilty, convenience and great tasting noodles - it's definitely worth trying - even if you happen to arrive for some munch at the same time as the rest of Broadmead!

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Cargo Cargo Cargo, it's all about the Cargo in Bristol, and there is good reason, it has places like Woky Ko serving fresh sharing plates, oodles of noodles and their now infamous bao. Grab a seat (its' only small) and try and decide which noodle dish to choose. We love their chicken singapore vermicelli and braised pork chow mein. Generous portions of beautifully balanced, freshly made noodles you can watch being made in the open kitchen is the order of the day here! (If you're on Park Street, check out Woky Ko Katu too)

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If you're looking for delicious, funky Modern Asian dining then call off the search, because we've got the answer. Dangun is the place for you. The brainchild of the team behind the ridiculously popular Tuk Tuck (one of Team Wriggle's absolute favourite places to get lunch, no less), Dangun offers up exciting, vibrant Korean, Thai and Pan-Asian inspired fusion food in the beautiful setting of St Nicholas Street. Perfect for a casual catch up with your loved ones, Dangun's menu is designed to be pick-and-mixed, shared, savoured, and lingered over. There's plenty of choices for meat-eaters, veggies and vegans alike, so everybody can get stuck in. PS: Be sure to check out the wall art – it's pretty cool!

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Standing proudly amongst the magnificently elegant, iconic Park Street is Yakinori – an absolute destination for Japanese food lovers from across the city. Since their opening, Team Wriggle have been massive fans of this family-owned restaurant, serving up the finest in ramen, noodles and other well-loved and Japanese dishes – as well as some exciting, innovative fusion dishes! The decor is fun and funky, with an amazing open kitchen where you can watch the talented chefs work their magic as they prepare your delicious dishes from scratch using fresh, seasonal ingredients, as well as some specially imported authentic produce, too.

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Fiery by name and fiery by nature, Fujiyama serves the teppenyaki trend at full throttle. It says something that Fujiyama’s diners are a mixed bunch from across the world, many who will recommend it based on authentic experiences in Japan. It’s one of the few independents that stand out along Clifton’s Regent Street, and the vibrant shop front and brightly lit interior draws crowds like moths to a candle. Here you can enjoy steaming bowls of authentic ramen, rich broths topped with egg, meat, veg and the sort of cuddle from teh inside only the best soups can achieve. You can also enjoy mountains of fried udon noodles, thick and coated in sauces, these are a fitting side dish to any of the mains on the menu.

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Published -22nd February 2018