New year, new you, right? As New Year's Eve celebrations become but a distant, murky memory (possibly not a bad thing...), the social pressure and expectation to start, and stick to New Year's resolutions to diet, start a health-kick, and complete dry January loom big and frightening on the horizon. Well, we here at Wriggle certainly aren't sold on the idea of giving up the things we love the most during the most miserable time of the year, so we've compiled our top 10 Bristol foodie alternative New Year's resolutions. Whilst we can't promise that our resolutions will turn you into a toned, athletic, #blessed Instagram icon, they will certainly help you on your way to making 2018 your most delicious and exciting year yet. Pick one or work your way through the whole list – it's entirely up to you. Think we've missed anything out? Let us know your foodie resolutions in the comments! 

1. Commit to trying one new indie a month

Whether it’s a new pub instead of Spoons, a proper indie coffee shop, or a really fantastic local eatery, step away from the high street and into an indie! If you need inspiration, have a scroll through Wriggle’s daily changing list of fantastic offerings. Treat it like the foodie equivalent of spinning a globe: have a swipe, close your eyes and see where your finger lands! 

2. Eat the biggest burgers you can find

We’re gonna level with you - the Wriggle team get through a LOT of burgers. We like to think we know our stuff on the subject, and we strongly recommend that you spend some quality time this January familiarising yourself with the biggest and baddest burgers you can find. Need some inspiration? Check out our video guide to the best burgers in Bristol below… just try not to dribble on your laptop. 

3. Try something new this month

Heard of poké, the delicious Hawaiian health food trend sweeping the nation? It’s a delicious, fresh bowl of healthy, nutritious ingredients, perfect for putting a spring back in your step after the excess of the festive period. The poké sensation has finally arrived in Bristol, by way of the crazy-delicious new Poké bar on St Stephen’s Street, and it’s time for you to try it out for yourself! This January, don’t get stuck in a food rut eating the same bland salads - promise yourself that you’ll take the plunge and dive into an exciting new dish. Need further tempting? Have a peek at our tantalising video of Poké’s signature poke dish:

Click here to try the Poke bowl for yourself, with a cheeky Wriggle discount to boot!

4. Eat something that you thought you don’t like 

Think you don’t like ramen? Stop your whinging and give it another go! Perhaps you just never experienced a decent bowl of noodley goodness, or maybe your taste buds will have evolved since last time you tried it. Either way, there’s a world of delicious out there for you to explore - don’t let your past prejudices or a bad experience hold you back. Go get ’em tiger! 

5. Cross the city and experience a new area

Ooh, this is a good’un. In Bristol, we are spoiled rotten by so many fantastic little pockets of foodie wonder, dotted all across the city. Each of these areas has its own clearcut identity: there’s the beautifully bohemian Stokes Croft, often referred to as the city’s cultural quarter; the elegant, chic and leafy Clifton Village; and the buzzing hub of the harbour side, with its picturesque waterside bars and restaurants. It’s all-too-easy to become obsessed with one of these areas, and refuse to go anywhere else. But push yourself this January - traverse the city and explore a new area, where a whole host of foodie delights await! Did you know, for example, that over in Easton you can buy some of the most delicious middle eastern mezze dishes in the whole city, over at Baba Ganoush? Or that over in Totterdown, The Shakespeare  are not only dishing up delicious, hearty food, but also accompanying it with a diverse array of live music? Hop on one those little local trains this weekend, and go on a foodie discovery trip! If you need inspiration, why not check out our video guide to Easton below, and head there for your first adventure. 

6. Try something vegan even if you aren’t vegan 

In Bristol, vegans get a whole lot of love. In other cities, vegan food often feels like an afterthought; those sad, shrivelled up mushroom burgers aren’t exactly going to win any awards for taste and creativity, are they now?! In Bristol, though, vegans are thoroughly spoiled for choice – in many cases, the vegan options are often the most creative, delicious, and exciting on the menu. Check out this insane-looking Vegan Natty burger from Smoke & Glaze, for example, or the unbelievably addictive Chaat Box from Chai Walla:


7. Wake up early enough to go to a weekend market

On a weekend, it’s often hard enough to drag yourself out of bed and make a cup of tea before crawling back into your nest, never mind to hauling your carcass out to one of those lovely local fresh produce markets that strew our fair city. But trust us, young Wrigglers, beyond your four bedroom walls lies a whole world of delight to discover, and the best bit? You don’t even need to get up that early for some of them. Wriggle’s top picks? The Whiteladies Road Farmers’ Market takes place on the first and third Saturdays of the month (8:30am – 2pm), and the Tobacco Factory Sunday Market takes place, you guessed it, every Sunday (10am - 2:30pm). 

Delicious cheese tasters at the Tobacco Factory Sunday Market...

8. Stick to the brunch plans you drunkenly make on a night out

We are all guilty of this one, aren’t we? It’s 2am, you’ve bumped into an old friend or maybe even made a new one, and you're both adamant that you’re going for brunch tomorrow, at what seems like a totally achievable, reasonable hour. Roll on 11am the next day, and you’re still in bed, reaching for your phone and about to bail. DON’T DO IT! Force your sorry ass up and out of bed (skip the shower, your pal will never know), and get out there and go brunching! Bristol has such a plethora of beautiful and varied brunch options that in order to sample them all, you really need to make full use of all available weekends – including the hungover ones! Whether you head for a saintly and delicious veggie brunch at East Village Café over in Clifton Village, opt for Steam's bottomless prosecco extravaganza, or fancy a wander over to Neck of the Woods in the relaxing, soul-restoring St Werbs, Bristol is full of fantastic weekend treats for you to enjoy.

Eggs, avocado and prosecco?! Don't mind if we do...

9. Get out of the city

Don't get us wrong: Bristol is a dream come true for food-lovers. We love it, we won't shut up about how much we love it, and we know you love it too. But, much as it pains us to say it, there is life – and good food – outside of the city. If you're a cheese fan, why not take a trip to Wookey Hole, or the renowned Cheddar Gorge? You can work up an appetite walking through the stunning countryside, become a cheese boffin with an informative and fascinating tour of the caves where cheeses are aged, and then head to one of the infinite country pubs for some restorative scran. Heaven! To think all that is within driving distance of the city...

10. Go on a brewery tour

Top-quality quaffing at Wiper & True

Bristol is lucky enough to be filled with fantastic independent breweries, and many of them are open to the public. Spice things up this weekend by ditching the pub, and heading out to explore one of them on a brewery tour. We particularly love the Wiper & True offering – tucked away over in St Werbs, these guys are stalwarts of the Bristol beer scene, but have only recently opened themselves up to tours. If you don't fancy a full-blown tour, their taproom is a real treat, too, even featuring the odd exclusive tipple. Elsewhere, we're also big fans of the small but perfectly formed Croft Ales in Stokes Croft, where you'll struggle to get a seat, but the beer is so good you'll stick around for hours anyway. 

So, what d'ya reckon?! Seen a resolution you can get on board with? We hope so. Let us know your own suggestions for Bristol foodie New Year's resolutions at 

Published -20th December 2017