With winter well and truly upon us, groups of friends and families across Bristol are gearing up for the festive season. It’s a time of laughter and revelry for many, but for the city’s homeless people there can be precious little to celebrate. 

If you’re considering donating a little time, clothing, money or food to help Bristol’s homeless people through the Christmas season, here’s a little round-up of a few charities you can lend a hand to.

Running specifically during the festive period – from 24th December to 1st January – Caring in Bristol’s annual Caring at Christmas programme delivers hot meals and warm layers where needed to the people of Bristol. Volunteers work out of the night shelter in St Paul’s, and can opt for a public-facing role or help out behind the scenes. For details on how to donate time or money to Caring in Bristol over the festive period, take a look at the Caring at Christmas Program

You can also donate through the Wriggle app, £3 for a hot drink and snack or £10 to feed 12 people for breakfast 

St Mungo’s sends outreach teams onto the streets of Bristol, to meet people who need a hand and help them out of homelessness. They work to cut the cycle of homelessness off at the root, and support people on their journey off the streets. To make a one-off donation, or for more information on how to lend your time to St Mungo’s, check out their website.

Running since February 2016, feedthehomelessBRISTOL is an outreach project delivering hot meals to homeless people in Bristol. Volunteers can help prepare the food, or help deliver it where needed (along with donated clothing, blankets and sleeping bags). The feedthehomelessBRISTOL website has all the info you need on how to lend a hand, and if you’d like to make a financial donation you can email info@feedthehomeless.org.uk for details. 

1625 Independent People offer information on housing, life skills, confidence-building, education, training and jobs to young people in Bristol. Targeting young people aged between 16 and 25, they help those in need to work their way off the streets and on to a brighter future. For details on how to help, have a look at their support us page.

The Julian Trust ranks among Bristol’s most long-running night shelters, and they’ve been helping homeless people in the city since the late-80s. With a warm welcome, a friendly face and a listening ear, the Julian Trust offers emergency beds in dormitory accommodation in St Paul’s, with hot drinks and food provided by volunteers. You can find more details on how to donate time, provisions or money on the Julian Trust website. 

The Wild Goose Café is one of the Crisis Centre Ministries’ numerous projects. You can find more information and donate to the charity here, or of course lend your time at the Bristol-based café during the busy festive period. Because the Crisis Centre Ministries is a faith-based charity, it is hoped that volunteers will identify themselves as Christians. 

Published -18th December 2017