Do you know what time it is? Probably time you took a trip to the Dental Hygienist… and almost Christmas!

Since it’s Wriggle’s mission to promote brilliant local food & drink businesses, we thought we’d take this opportunity to create a hamper full of the best food & drink Bristol has to offer - simultaneously solving your Christmas present (or personal consumption) concerns, and shining a light on the best producers in the South West.

You can buy yourself a hamper of beer, coffee, tea, pickles and gin by heading to the link here, but below is a run-down of the brilliant local producers nestled inside the hampers.

Psychopomp Gin

Psychopomp is a small independent distillery in Bristol, that uses small, handmade copper pot stills to produce craft distilled gin in small batches and limited quantities. Right in the heart of Studentland aka St. Michael’s Hill, they create classic and seasonal recipes for their gin-loving customers, and bespoke recipes with their partners.  

With the hamper you’ll find:

  • A 35cl Bottle of the Woden, Woden was their first gin and is available all year. It is a classic London dry gin with juniper berries, coriander seed, angelica root, cassia bark, fresh grapefruit zest and fennel seed. It is perfect in a G&T with a large wedge of grapefruit or in any classic gin cocktail.

Extract Coffee

Like all good ideas, Extract Coffee began with one simple mission; make coffee better. Make coffee as good as it can possibly be, even. The folks at Extract Coffee are aware that it’s a pretty impossible achievement that they’ve set themselves, but, with more knowledge, passion, and great sourcing, they find better coffees, roast them better, and ultimately brew better that most competitors. It is an never-ending endeavour, and one that they love being a part of.

With the hamper you’ll receive:

  • A 250g bag of Strangelove Espresso. The Inza Cauca works perfectly as the next incarnation of the Dr Strangelove espresso. It has a great balance of acidity, sweetness and body with a subtle almond nuttiness, sticky baked apples, and cocoa. It is both accessible and adventurous, and the combination of vibrant fruit flavour and bold sweetness makes this coffee an easy leap into the realms of truly exciting and unusual single origin coffees.

Source Food Hall

Source is a direct result of a desire to bring high quality food to Bristol. They offer a wide menu and fresh produce to suit all budgets, aiming to encourage and enthuse everybody to eat quality of food. As one of the best independent food retailers in Bristol, they are ideally positioned to link the best local producers to customers. The produce is strictly seasonal, which means keeping an eye on the weather and talking to lots of foragers, fishermen, game dealers, farmers and other food producers. By keeping their ears open for rumours of different finds and catches. they are ideally placed in the supply chain to bring you the best produce from all over Britain.

In the hamper:

  • 200g Godminster Vintage Organic Cheddar. A deliciously soft and creamy Vintage Organic Cheddar enrobed in their distinctive burgundy wax.The cheddar itself is matured for up to 12 months, at which point we select the very best cheese to be made into one of the award-winning truckles. It has a rich depth of flavour without the acidity that is sometimes associated with vintage cheddar, giving it a full and rounded flavour with a smooth and creamy texture.

  • A 320g Jar of Source Original Green Tomato Chutney. The Chutney is the perfect accompaniment to a classic Ploughmans, Steak Sandwich or A Small Portion of Quiche. The taste is a tangy and sweet one with powerful notes of cloves, chillli, cinnamon and allspice.

Moor Beer Company

Moor Beer Company are approaching ten years of combining the best of the British, German and American West Coast brewing traditions. Led by California native Justin Hawke the brewery focuses on progressive hop-forward beers that are unrefined, unfiltered and always cask, keg, and even can conditioned. We call it modern real ale, you will call it delicious. Situated just five minutes' walk from either Temple Meads or Old Market, the on-site tap room/beer garden is always worth a drop in to.

In the hamper you will find:

  • 330ml can of Revival; "A very hoppy and refreshing bitter, brewed to celebrate the revival of the brewery, and meant to revive you when you need it. Light in colour but not flavour thanks to a blend of Pale, Lager, Cara, Crystal and Wheat malts. The hops are a blend of American varieties, with American-style yeast providing a crisp finish.  For a beer relatively low in alcohol it has a very full flavour and drinks well above its strength, earning it a multitude of awards and setting the standard for the style.  A modern classic!”

  • 330ml can of Raw; “RAW was originally commissioned to be the house beers for Real Ale Weston and the Royal Artillery Arms, both now sadly closed.  The landlord and drinkers were already huge fans of Merlin’s Magic, but wanted something a bit hoppier.  They were also intrigued with our unfined natural approach to beer.  So we trialled three different unfined, dry-hopped versions of Merlin’s Magic.”

GingerBeard's Preserves

GingerBeard’s Preserves are all about making awesome tasting craft preserves that will get your taste buds singing out for more! Their recipes use a delicious beers, sourced from independent breweries, and great ingredients, and are perfect for pairing with a wide range of food and drink.  For those of you who prefer preserves beer-free, don’t worry - there are plenty of traditional products available as well.

In the hamper these products will include:

  • Fermented Scotch Sriracha; An exciting twist on a classic hot sauce. In collaboration with the guys at The Independent Spirit of Bath, we added their specially selected single malt Scotch whisky to fermented chillies to create this unique Sriracha with a boozy kick! Ideal for stir-fries, meat, eggs and Bloody Marys this sauce will liven up your day no end!

  • Fig & Sour Cherry Christmas Chutney; The 2016 Fig and Sour Cherry Christmas Chutney blends in The Moor Beer Company’s Benny Havens, a barley wine aged in Scotch Whisky barrels, bringing deep, rich boozy flavours. This chutney goes well with nice, strong cheeses.

Published -22nd November 2016