This year is all about Discovery at Wriggle. 

Our goal is to convert the people eating at High-street chains like Byron, Nando's and Pizza Express into eating at amazing independent places. 

We'll do that through creating excitement around discovering somewhere new, and telling engaging stories in beautiful ways - letting people know that they can get better quality and awesome value at great independent places. 

Here's what we'll be focusing on this year:

Our fast-growing Magazine

We're pouring a lot of love into making awesome, engaging digital articles about local food & drink and getting people excited about the great food & drink scene. 

Already the Magazine section of our website has built up a 25,000 monthly audience in only 4 months - and we expect it to be big in 2017. 

At the heart of these articles will be great stories of our partners; the food you cook, why you're great at what you do and the story behind your businesses. We'll be hunting high and low to find amazing stories that our audience will love and share with friends - and that will allow us to spread the word about the great things you're doing. 

Handily, we've also got a partnership with Bristol247, so we'll able to share all these stories with B247's audience to guarantee big reach for the great work you're doing. 

Making discovery easier through awesome videos

Sam has moved from running our Bristol partnerships to making beautiful social-media-friendly videos. 

In only 2 months, Sam has created short videos about Bristol's food & drink scene that have been watched by over 200,000 people - and there's so much more to come! 

The effect of good story-telling is clear. Ray's Pizza at Crofters Right's appeared in a video with 80k views and had a record pizza-month in February - and Wriggle's own audience has grown at record rates since we introduced our new videos. 

The video Wriggle made was fantastic marketing; we saw a significant increase in sales and references as a result – without lifting a finger.

Nick @ Pigsty

Not only can we create the videos, but because we've invested in developing our magazine and social channels, we can guarantee large reach - this is further boosted by our partnership with Bristol 24/7 as their Food & Drink Partner.

Think your business has a story to tell? Get in touch. 

Pimping up our Guide Profiles

In 2016 we made our Digital Guide to Bristol's Food & DrinkIn 2017 we'll be pimping these Profiles up big-time and making sure we have a profile for all the best places in Bristol. 

We want to show customers all the awesome things you're doing in one place, and give you the chance to show off all the amazing things you're doing simply and beautifully. The key things we'll be adding onto them are:

  • Videos 
  • Articles (inc. Wriggle articles, and articles in Bristol247, BristolPost or National Press) 
  • Ratings (We want the great experiences of our Wrigglers to help boost your reputation) 
  • Photo Galleries 

Investing heavily in our technology

The offers listings will continue to be a powerful tool for discovery - allowing us to create excitement and bring you bundles of new customers. 

We've been working hard on this are to make listing easier and better for you this year and our first release in this area is rolling out next week. 

The Wriggle Partner Dashboard will be launched next week, giving you the ability to add or take-down offers directly whenever you want, manage your Guide Profile, as well as see your Sales Performance information.

We've also built functionality into the dashboard so you'll be able to directly see awesome feedback from our Wrigglers about their experiences with you. 

This is Just the Beginning

This is the beginning of a big journey for us to bring more value to our customers. Our ambition is to help you get discovered in better, more immersive ways than ever before and we're building towards those ambitions. We're really excited about the future and we hope you'll come along for the ride as we take on the high-street chains.

Happy Wriggling!


Published -8th March 2017