Bristol Film Festival returns to Redcliffe Caves this Halloween with 13 classic and contemporary horror movies to sink your teeth into. Pass through their military clearance and venture deep into the caves – there have been recent unconfirmed reports of inexplicable, possibly paranormal activity within the site’s many passages and chambers, and we’d like you to go first and check for us…

We at Wriggle are big horror film buffs and we're totally stoked to bring you tickets for what should be one of the creepiest, spookiest film festivals of the year. Grab your tickets, settle down and don't look behind you...

In the midst of a fascist regime in 1944 Spain, Ofelia and her mother arrive at the post of her mother’s new husband, who is trying to quell a guerrilla uprising in the Spanish Countryside. Exploring her new home, Ofelia meets a strange faun creature, Pan, who tells her that in order to claim immortality, she must complete three tasks.

IMBD Score 8.2/10

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In 1939, the final year of the Spanish Civil War, orphaned Carlos arrives at the Santa Lucia School, for orphans of the Republican militia and politicians. Gradually, Carlos uncovers the secrets of the school, both those of the caretakers and the mysterious, ghostly figure that walks the grounds.

IMBD Score 7.5/10

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Searching for his missing friend, Jonathan Harker, vampire hunter Dr. Van Helsing arrives at Count Dracula’s castle. There he discovers the grisly reason behind his friend’s disappearance, and sets about to end the Count’s reign of terror before he claims another victim.

IMBD Score 7.4/10

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Four survivors of a zombie apocalypse are locked in an ongoing battle against the undead as they make their way towards a rumoured safe haven in Los Angeles. Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) is trying to find his missing family along the way, abiding by his strict list of survival rules and zombie-fighting strategies.

IMBD Score 7.7/10

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Four friends travel to a cabin in the woods for Spring Break. Whilst there, they discover an old book, whose text reawakens the dead when read out loud. The group must fight for survival or risk being possessed by demonic forces, in the first of this classic horror trilogy.

IMBD Score 7.5/10

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Teenager Jay is enjoying the courtship of a new boyfriend, until it transpires that he has used her in order to pass on a curse. Stalked by a malevolent spirit that can take any form, Jay struggles to convince her friends that she is in danger as she desperately searches for a way to lift the curse – or pass it on.

IMBD Score: 6.9

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An American family living in Tokyo become terrorised by a strange supernatural force in their new home. The curse, known as the Grudge, is said to appear whenever somebody dies in the grip of a powerful rage or sorrow, and lives on, killing anyone who comes near.

IMBD Score 6.7/10

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Katie and Micah have recently moved into a new house in the suburbs, when they start to become aware of a supernatural presence in the home. Setting up video cameras in order to capture footage of the paranormal, neither are prepared for the terrifying events that follow.

IMBD Score 6.3/10

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Two young American men, David Kessley and Jack Goodman, are backpacking around England when they are attacked by a werewolf. Jack is killed and David is taken to a London hospital, where he is plagued by disturbing visions of his dead friend, warning him that he is now a werewolf and will transform at the next full moon.

IMBD Score 7.5/10

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A family on a road trip become stranded in the desert after taking a shortcut through the New Mexico hills. As they try to seek help they start to become the victims of a gang of mutants that prowl the area.

IMBD Score 6.4/10

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A group of women reunite for a weekend away, following a tragedy in the group. When a spelunking expedition goes badly wrong, they unwittingly stumble into the territory of the humanoid flesh-eating monsters that live below the surface.

IMBD Score 7.2

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Published -6th September 2017