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Working with some of Bristol's finest bars and restaurants, Mark Olver, Bristol comedian and fundraiser extraordinaire, has put together some fantastic comedy shows to raise money for Julian Trust. You will be able to see an as-yet unreleased rosta of great comedians and enjoy a delicious bite to eat too. Mark will also be holding a comedy masterclass at Harts Bakery to give those of you who think they have a talent for making people laugh a helping hand with honing their craft. 

 For tickets, email Mark on JanuaryBellyLaughs@Gmail.com 

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Running is hideous and no one likes it, even people that tell you they like it are deluded and need a hug. However if you were looking for a decent excuse to get up off the sofa and train to run 3 miles in one go, this event might be a bit of an incentive. Everyone who enters and completes the 5K race receives two slices of pizza, a medal for taking part (for all you Millennials missing the participation trophies) and entry to an after party with DJ and dancing. 

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You can't open Twitter without someone bemoaning the lack of decent fried chicken in the city (no I don't want to have a conversation about Miss Millies) and after the wobbly offerings from now closed Chicken Shed we've been left with very little high welfare, permanent chicken offerings. Happy Bird have stepped in and will be opening on Whiteladies Road, promising convenient, ethically raised and delicious chicken dinners. Opening at the end of January, KFC better watch their back! 

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Breaking news from Crumbs Magazine, Tincan Coffee Co have taken the #humble avocado off the brunch menu. Due to the methods and strain that avocado farmers are having to go to to keep up demand, Owners  Adam and Jessie felt they could no longer keep the fruit on the menu in good conscience. Never fear though, they have just launched a new brunch menu offering a plethora of delicious options that are just as instagramable. 

Read Crumbs article here 

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Pop-up movements 

The fabulous Plumed Serpent have up-sticks and headed to The Volly Tavern - check for a deal here 

Tsukemono, famous for pickles and katsu, will be slinging bowls at The Robin Hood - Find out more here 

El Chupacabra also have your taco needs down, enjoy these at the Hare on the Hill - Find out more here 

And goodbye to Sub Dunk who have finished their time at Kongs, Wooly Cactus are still here though! 

Published -8th January 2018